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Best Arcade Stick For Xbox/PC?


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yeah i think i'm gonna get the Pelican Real Arcade stick since its only $39.99 at gamestop which is local to me.


i kinda figure the buttons would be the drawback but hell i'm willing to change them if i can find the buttons for cheap -_-


Check out gumby's auctions on ebay. This guy ships fast and is really good on prices. Not to mention he always seems to have every color convex button ready for bulk order even when the official happ site doesn't. Used him quite a few times and never had bad dealings.




Best arcade stick on the market is the X-Arcade but it's a little pricey. $150US for the 2p and $100 for the 1p version. It's great though. works very well. The site is www.xgaming.com.

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X-arcade the best on the market? I don't know about all that. There is a reason that they sell 2 joysticks and 20 buttons for 20 dollars. The parts are cheaply made and the buttons are slightly bigger than the standard arcade button. You can't change X-arcade buttons into a custom joystick without some extra work. Lastly, the button placement is kinda dumb with 2 buttons directly under your Street Fighter layout. People get ripped on stuff like this because they are overhyped. A few years ago it was the Mas pro stick. Now the hype has moved to X-arcade. I have always been happier with something that is made to my specifications and not somebody else's idea of what we should use. You don't get that freedom in buying mass produced joysticks. Custom 4 LIFE! -_-



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What kind of PCB does it have, or have you not got the controller to gut? With a sony dual shock pcb, all the cheap 10 dollar Nyko PS>gc & xbox connectors work flawless with no button lag. I would tell you to use a ps1 dual shock controller regardless because of the ease to work with. They have huge solder points and can be done with ribbon hack without having to bother with the minor soldering at all. You can pick em up at gamestop for under 10 bucks and get a ps>xbox conver for just a few dollars more. If you don't want to solder, you can use this: http://home.comcast.net/~spiffyshoes/DualShockHack/

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it looks like a nice solid design....easy to open for button changing and stick changing?


nice that it has the "bat" style sticks rather than ball tops

yes its easy to open, just remove the rubbers on the bottom to see the screws.


i just got my price on parts which came to a total of 26.50 which isn't bad (8 competition buttons 1 competition joystick and a nut wrench) :P

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I have realy worn out the springs in my player-1 Stick -->




i want to replace it with the original neogeo stuff that is in there but it doesnt say "HAPPS" anywhere on the joystick base,,,,i think it was made by neogeo


If i cant replace with original parts i need to know whats the best "springyest" sticks to get ? an i like the kind that limit your rotation to a 8 pointed star...so you get your corner moves good!


any help is appreciated

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