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  1. Yah, it's the April 06 issue, also expect some april fools tricks (the "iGame" in it is definitely fake). If anybody wants the whole top 10 to show off I can do that.
  2. Check this out... Just got the latest issue of EGM in the mail today and saw this in their list of the 10 "hottest things in gaming". Great job! I think you might be getting a little bit more traffic soon...
  3. Getting better and better every time, I love it. Is there any chance you could put in a little option to calibrate the screen for that app? Like, so we could calibrate our DSes so that we don't have problems with the keyboard. And it doesn't work w/ the built in calibration. Hopefully that made sense.
  4. Same problem here MaHe, I remember reading somewhere on gbadev.org that there are two types of touch screens for DSs that use different coding (or something). I don't know if they've figured it out yet, but it is quite annoying. Anyway you could fix this Sintax? Just constructive criticism, but great app Sintax!
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