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  1. yay the corruption is fixed. but still cant connect to router. im using 128-bit wep..will that work with win2ds? EDIT: i got it to connect a few times, but it mostly doesnt want to work. i have a feeling its cycling through the different conenction profile (i have 3 different ones) and it take time for it to fail on one and move to another. the connection ive been testing it on is profile #1...can you make it possible to specify which profile to use instead of waiting for it to time out?
  2. im trying to use this with an M3-sd. i download, put it on, and run it but the visuals are very corrupted and the auto connect doesnt work. i have my online settings correct so that isnt the problem. ive also tried downloading the file multiple times but the visuals are still very corrupted, any ideas? or can you host the file on another site maybe? (the attached files link just opens up a page of garbage text....)
  3. oh another suggestion tho u probably have already heard it... the ability to use WEP for routers. that way i wouldnt have to turn off security to use win2ds...but no rush obviously since u have to wait for the lib to come out..just thought id throw this in
  4. oh so ure just waiting for that to come out b4 u can make big changes? ic... good to know
  5. is it possible to extract my savegames from my original NDS cartridges? im using the m3 SD with flashme v7. if it is possible can you send a link to the app i would need? thanks all programs ive ever found, 'RAIN' and 'etool' cant write to SD!! any help would be great.
  6. do more research on the differences between supercard and M3s. after looking myself i chose the more expensive M3 because its compatibility is near 100% (hence the name M3 Perfect) it also plays movies, music, view images, read ebooks (txt files) and all that. so be careful about choosing b4 you really look into it. comparison: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=29384 M3 review: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=30243 supercard review: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=30230 the m3 is also much simpler in its design. meaning you dont have to plug in the programmer to youre computer and use a usb cable to power it...crappy... the m3 has a programmer that just attaches to its own other device and the ds. happy choosing
  7. dont know if its possible or not but i think it would be cool to make a program that could copy gba carts while using the m3. heres how i could see it as working: the ds has 32mb (i believe) of internal memory. so, you could load up an app from the m3 and it would then run itself from the internal memory. u could then remove your m3 and insert a gba cart. the program could then enable you to either copy the whole game or the savegames onto the remaining amount of internal memory (should be enough memory in there since the biggest gba game ive seen is only like 12mb) you would then re-insert the m3 and copy the data onto it...possible?
  8. 1 feature i would really like on top of any others is either the ability to choose which of my 2 monitors to view on the server OR the ability to switch between them on the ds. also the fullscreen preview...the desktop icons are basically black. on pointyremote they show up better...dont know what the difference is but its nice to see the icons better. those 2 things are my suggestions. this program is the best out there so far. with these, id like it even more!
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