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  1. I also noted this 32 bug today. I didnt remember it doing this yesterday, however. then again, maybe I just didn't notice.
  2. im running the new version now with no slowdown on my pc works great (however, as you see above, still unsupported charcaters on the virtual keyboard, but nonetheless, still works well.)
  3. Hey, sorry if it sounds like we (or me) are only complaining. I'm very happy with the program, just offering feedback and such.
  4. I've found that sometimes, it stops refreshing the screen too. I think it may just stop if I'm doing a lot very quickly, and it just stops trying to keep up. But then again, there's probably a more techincal reason behind it. I'm just noticing that it tends to stop refreshing when I begin doing a lot very quickly. as you stated, d/c and then reconnecting fixes it. The keyboard is a bit too touchy, sometimes I hit one key, and it does the one below it, and hittin backspace to delete a character does nothing. I've tried re-calibrating my touchscreen in case it may be a bit off, but theres still some obvious sensitivity problems with it, the same as I've noticed in DSlinux's virtual keyboard.
  5. Yeah, I must say, if there were zoom, It'd be excellent. Because now I still need to see my monitor ro get whats going on. with zoom I'd be able to stray away from my monitor, zoom into a convo or window and still know whats going on, and such. This just gives or a basic idea of it all. I cranked my resolution to 800x600 and I can now sort of read chat convos and some page text if its lighter pages. Darker ones, like this make the text unreadable. But looking good, nonetheless!
  6. After using it for a bit, I msu say, it's a step up from the other app in presentation alone. I miss hte zoom feature from pointyremote, however, this is still quite nice.
  7. yeah, I was confused. I had run the server, but in my daze of entering passwords for WEP keys and such in other programs in Xp today, I got confused. sorry.
  8. having troubles conncting to my AP. I config the IP's, select my AP, but it asks for a password (there is none), so i leave it blank. then it stays at the waiting screen, and doesnt go any further. I've succesffully connected to it with the other apps, and clients like this. EDIT: fixed it, it was a problem on my end. user error, as always.
  9. I had the same problem earlier today, My IP I input wasn' the right one (I have multiple computers within this network, so somtimes I forget which one I'm on), plus, my firewall kept blocking it even thoguh I told it to accept the connection. I finally went in and set it all right and it all worked out.
  10. hey just wanted to say this is working great for a test app keep up the great work. written via ds. (lack of some characters and such made the above post seem a little less intelligent then I usually like to sound, but hey!)
  11. Cool, good to see someone else with something they have to contribute. I just downloaded, I'll toy with it in a bit. editWorks like a charm. Winamp songs changed, messages all sent and received fine. Simple, but still sort of fun to use .
  12. I have a feature idea that may be somewhat useful. Maybe some sort of option to export the list to a.txt file, which you can then transfer off your card and onto your computer for future reference? Just a thought. Very handy, I found 9 spots (4 are from the highschool near me, though), that I couldnt get from searching via mario kart. (I could get one in mario kart if I was on my back porch in the corner...but only barely).. Very nice stuff.
  13. Folks with a GBAmp like myself are screwed then, eh?
  14. Nov. 7th, the wifi site will have more stuff up by then.
  15. Right, It breaks the firmware because it writes where the flashme firmware is, thinking there is nothing there (I assume). this new one solves this (we think), and shouldn't be a prob. Also: I updated my flashme with this new one, it falshed fine, however, I obviously can't test yet.
  16. Sweetness. I like the little riddle that needed to be solved to access the page Definatly exciting stuff on the horizion. Poo to me for not having a compatible card and not being a tester. ah well. Hopefully Nintendo's official USB adapter will be compatible (being of the RA chipset kind)? Anyways, looking forward to reading about it more. Good luck.
  17. Maybe not, but its the thought that counts. Hehe, Yeah, your right, but I think I'll feel that much more confident then when I play on my low speed cable connection. ;P One of those psychological things.
  18. Yeah, I want a router, but thinknig about how I'm always switching computers and at school and back home and always someplace else, I find a dongle will be easier. I can easily set up a router and have it going, but my parents might not want me to hook up another router or rip out the other one for this, just for my DS. With the dongle, I can throw it on my computer in my room, or the living room computer, play, and then goto the college, plug it into their computers with blazingly fast t3 connection, sit and play my lunch hour away. (I spend my entire day over there in one computer lab anyway, so it'll make working even harder ) Well, thats my decision.
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