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  1. I don't think that this is good for Stephens reputation....
  2. Dear Stephen, We are doing our best to make it and we don't accept that language
  3. We are working on it Page
  4. Can I use a wireless router for this applacation?
  5. those dam nintendo ds noobs in that forum!!! They say that its not good to hack the nds. muwahmuwahmuwah (sorry for any agressions in this post (its not meaned to you))
  6. I have some problems with compiling. When I open my template its empty. Were do i need to place the libraray?
  7. Hey Stephen, Can you make a little update for backlight off when closing nds and a ''zoeff'' signal for getting a signal? My nds can hold for only 2 hours with your tool!
  8. I still can't connect.......but......... I discovered that you can find a PictoChat server wich has c+s.
  9. My problem is : I can't connect to a AP.
  10. Thanks for help I''ll try it on one of the 50 AP I know
  11. Can I use a pci wlan g/b card to make an acces point and for playing mario kart? This one: Linksys WMP54G To shop info
  12. Today I walked around the school with my nds and the wifi tool (it was -2 celsius my hands were freezing) and I found 31 AP. And on the highway from the school to my home +50 AP (50km, with 25km wood). Is it possible to send a message to the acces points?
  13. I have some questions about the tool: What the heck is c?s, c-s, c+s ? Why is there a %rate? What happens when I connect to a AP ? Why is there a keyboard test? What is Wardriving?
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