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  1. yes, checksum problems with odd-sized packets are a known issue. I'm working on this, next version will have it fixed. -Stephen
  2. What kind of camera / auto / etc are you trying to remote control? are they native wifi devices? or is there some other thing controlling them and using wifi? It's certainly not impossible to do a remote control on DS at the moment, but it may not be easy. -Stephen
  3. The electronic man who gives me the project, likes ( and apparently buys ) all that goes out : GBA, DS, PSP,... So, he reads a lot of new's, and one gave him the idea of such a funny project, an investigation's project. He gives me a DS ( and will probably give all i will need ). I have two month's after my exam's ( in january ) to try to realize something but i must buy a PCI card and a DS flash card before... and i want to know what are the best card's and flash card between all card with chipset RT2500/RT2560 possible to run my homebrew application's. Have you try some cards / flash cards ? What are the best ones ? A GBA card is ok to run DS function's as pad, wifi, double screen ? Or the DS goes in a sort of "GBA mode" when a GBA game is put in it ? Yorel <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cool, an electronic man! All jokes aside.. Please specify further, are you trying to connect the DS Directly to this camera/auto? Or are you supposed to write a program for the DS that will remotely control a camera/auto that has it's own control circuitry? As many others have stated, some of the tools for doing such a project (such as the DS's wifi) just *barely* have code mature enough to do such a thing. Additionally, you need to be much clearer in saying what you are trying to do, because at present it is not very clear at all. -Stephen
  4. Yeah no problem - hopefully I'll have a new release and source release soon -Stephen
  5. Well, additionally - "a lot of developers" contributing is something I really want to avoid at the moment. I will be releasing the source the library (probably under BSD licence) likely with the next release. That being said, there are a number of reasons I'm not releasing the code right now. 1) I want a specific minimum set of features to exist before the code is released (for reasons I'll detail on the next few points) 2) I don't want a bundle of variations of my incomplete lib popping up. This adds to the noise factor and is not helpful, even if some do work. I don't particularly trust all of the homebrew scene to be talented enough to add required functionality to the lib, and I highly doubt the people incapable of such a modification will realize that. 3) In general, I'm not trying to monopolize the area, except for the fact that I want to be 100% sure a reliable, working library exists and is accessable. Releasing the source at this point is counterproductive to this goal. -Stephen
  6. bafio: I don't really mind if you release it, though you may want to wait for me to finish fixing bugs in the lib... I think there is presently a problem with odd-length packets and the last byte isn't getting copied properly - I will be looking at this in the near future. (this could very easily be your problem) -Stephen
  7. oh come on, someone ask me for the lib already and make a real app... I'm including the test app source, it'd be a piece of cake to modify -Stephen
  8. Ok, you're just wildly uninformed because for one, the bounty requires the code to be released under a non-binding licence (GPL/LGPL are not possible) And, even if they were, I personally don't like them. So, no. -Stephen
  9. (Actually, the app is now giving more useful info on the signal strength, see www.akkit.org/dswifi/wifi_lib_test_preview.nds to see what the next version will hold ) -Stephen
  10. Yes, the library is being developed and improved alongside the test app. The whole purpose for the test app is to verify the library interface is complete, usable, and that it's behavior is correct. -Stephen
  11. I've been working on accuracy - next version will have beteter signal strength indication. -Stephen
  12. You might have already figured this out, but wardriving apps are supposed to keep records around long after you're out of range - it's sorta the whole point Anyway, yet another version is released (version 0.1b) I'll add the release notes to the main post. -Stephen
  13. If it doesn't work for you, you'll need to add a loader at the start.... like: copy /b loader_file.bin + wifi_lib_test.nds wifi_lib_test.nds.gba Also if you're using a flashcard, try making sure you're not letting it "fix" the header. If you still have problems, please let me know. (I don't actually have M3/ Supercard/ etc to test with) -Stephen
  14. Hiya people, As you might know, I've recently released a binary of my work in progress library test.. It's nothing special, but it does some useful stuff which is why I released it. Anyway, I'm interested in some feedback - specificly things that could be improved or that you'd like to see done differently, but any feedback is good For reference: Binary link: wifi_lib_test.nds (akkit.org) - wifi_lib_test.ds.gba (akkit.org) Revision history: Version 0.1 (initial release) * Included "wardriving" program, capable of collecting data on up to 512 wireless devices (not necessarily all Access Points) Version 0.1a * Updated gui on main menu and "wardriving" program * Added "keyboard test" for a newly designed keyboard module Version 0.1b * Increased "wardriving" limit to 4096 devices * Fixed some really stupid bugs in the keyboard. Version 0.1c * Increased compatibility! M3 support added, could fix other platforms. * minor tweaks Version 0.2 * Added Ability to connect to Access points * Added UDP "Experimenter" to send UDP packets. * More tweaks, bugfixes, etc... * See www.akkit.org/dswifi/ for PC-Side test app & more info. Version 0.2a * Added support for rate-spoofing to increase AP compatibility. * Fixed crash bug relating to ARP timeout Version 0.3 * Added "Packet Capture" mode * Added Connect via WFC data option * Improved connection ability * Added DNS test * Added TCP test * Improved speed, memory efficiency * ICMP echoes More features will be added to this in the near future, of course. -Stephen
  15. Right now, we've been primarily testing with pictochat. in the "lobby" you can see one person in the pictochat room, but once you enter the room it doesn't connect fully. -Stephen
  16. Not sure how sensitive the DS is really, but it seems to do pretty well. The blinking light thingy is purely done in software, and is done by nintendo's code (official devrs aren't allowed to touch the arm7, sad). -Stephen
  17. Well, it's still complicated... I am working on a program to enable DS tunnelling - at the moment it requires a certain kind of network card. At present also, it doesn't completely work, but not all is lost yet - there is still a good chance I can get it to work. And yes, provided the right network card this will allow tunnelling of pictochat or theoretically any other game without needing a hotspot (of course, you do still need the network card, a computer to put it in, and internet access) Some sort of matchmaking system for it is also in the process... for now though, just wait a bit longer. -Stephen
  18. As the article says, some ra2500 cards include drivers that allow you to make your wifi card pretend to be an access point. What this means, is that nintendo's wifi connection will work through your wifi card when it's set up this way. Ordinary wifi cards will NOT work, because nintendo's wifi connection does not support ad-hoc mode. -Stephen
  19. Are you kidding? Many of us have known that rt2500 cards can be used in soft-AP mode for ages. -Stephen
  20. At present the app is limited to the rtl2500 chipset based cards, specificly the ones that firefly's driver works with. The code for the tunnel app itself is designed to be mostly portable though, so only minimal effort will be required to port it to a new system if a driver exists. As such, yes, the driver is going to be the limiting factor for linux... but depending on how much free time I have, I may attempt to do the driver thing in linux as well. -Stephen
  21. Glad you all appreciate my work I've considered releasing the UDP/IP stack first, but really TCP/IP isn't too far away - my attention has just been directed elsewhere lately. We'll see if I can beat the odds and get all my other stuff done, and still release the wifi lib before MK:DS that'd be a real win-win situation. -Stephen
  22. A few notes... It'll be a PC app that creates "virtual" DSes locally so that your DS can see them. it won't actually require anything special from your DS. the internet WMB server will be a DSTunnel master you can connect to that will let you download demos like WMB does, but over the internet.... it's mainly for fun but could be useful (and could probably be used for streaming like alexa said) I'm planning on making the internet pictochat server as an app where people can connect and run pictochat, and it'll post the images on a website somewhere -Stephen
  23. Of course I'm making progress... just wait, something big is about to happen... -Stephen
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