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  1. -blink- Okay, please don't be stupid.... too late, I suppose. The DS just isn't powerful enough to do any serious video decoding; Additionally it's obvious to me (and everyone else) that you don't have any idea what you're asking, or even have the first inkling of a thought of how to go about doing such a project. I suggest if you want such a thing done, DO IT YOURSELF. Learn how the system works and write your own program. If we want such a thing, those of us capable of doing such WILL DO SO. In the meantime, quit bugging us with unreasonable or infeasable requests, especially if you don't have a clue as to what you're asking! -Stephen
  2. Actually no, they used the lib source almost verbatim, regardless - that's what it's there for. I'm certainly not leaving by any means, it's just taking time because I have other things that need to be done too. -Stephen
  3. Stonebone: or I can simply not do intermediate releases and make you all wait No, really though. I'm more than happy doing this project as I see fit, no need to try to make me change my mind. -Stephen
  4. Hi! Thanks for the feedback, but I had already noticed and fixed this in my working version of the lib (that's what I get for having long delays between releases, I guess) - I do appreciate being informed though -Stephen
  5. lots of misinformation here, folks. the Official Site states (albeit not very clearly) that the driver works for PCI and PCMCIA cards ONLY - when they have an RT2500 chipset (which means the interface chip is the RT2560) I'm not sure where the RT2570 number came from, because as far as I know USB devices also use the 2560 chip, though I haven't confirmed this. Additionally, the Nintendo USB connector *is* a RT2500 device, however as it's USB the current driver will NOT work with it. Hope this clears some some stuff up. -Stephen
  6. The ARM9 cpu is running at 33.514 MHz. The divisor is set to 256 gives us (33.514*10^6 / 256)^-1 ≈ 7.6*10^-6 s per tick. Then we have 13106 * 7.6*10^-6 ≈ 0.100 s. This is how I understand that the timers work anyway, I might be wrong. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Indeed- I must have misread this somewhere or something. I'll fix it in the next release. -Stephen
  7. Ack! didn't notice this thread 1) to not interfere with whatever the end user wanted to do. there *will* be support for instant notification via IPC in the next version. 2) ease of use, speed, etc... It was a design decision. 3) afaik it is 50ms, at least based on the documentation I had - it might be wrong, but the behavior I've seen is consistent with it being 50ms. New version will allow for any timer speed in an elegant fashion -Stephen
  8. Don't be stupid, like firefox on DS would have user plugins? Firefox is far too slow, bloated, memory-intensive, and close-mindedly designed to work on a limited system like the DS. Opera is a great browser and I'm quite glad to see it used on the DS. -Stephen
  9. lockwood: you're an idiot. Do you really expect to be able to make anything usable? davos1: Yes, penstroke recognition and similar technologies will very likely be incorporated into future homebrew, a lot of that is in the pipeline. -Stephen
  10. Correct, this version doesn't support blocking mode (all sockets are non-blocking) - next version will start sockets in blocking mode and allow you to turn it off (with ioctl) -Stephen
  11. Sadly, this just isn't feasable at all, probably isn't possible Too bad, though. -Stephen
  12. IJTF_Cinder: Again, you're incorrect for the most part. The only time an RSA hash is used is in the transmission of an executable binary for download play, and it's processed entirely in software - Please note that there really is no good documentation to go off of for understanding how this stuff works at present, the only way to know for sure is to do some capturing of data and figure it out on your own -Stephen
  13. cyberreality: actually, the question has absolutely nothing to do with the wifi lib, which is the focus of this forum. IJTF_Cinter: I'm still trying to figure out where you came up with that idea.... it doesn't make any sense, and it couldn't possibly work. (it's impractical besides the fact that there's only 32 bytes of space there, while the RSA hash is 128 bytes) -Stephen
  14. Well, this is the best forum on this site for a question like this. The big problem is that downloaded binaries are RSA signed, and we don't have the private key used to sign with (not to mention the key is basicly impossible to get) If you want a "more appropriate" place to discuss things, see the DS forums on gbadev.org -Stephen
  15. Well, you must remember, if you're currently using anything related to DS wifi, you're right in the middle of the early adopters. Early adopters for things like these especially don't get the luxury of having nice UIs and simple configuration. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, the next wifi lib release will change a lot of things. Wifi apps will likely no longer require configuration files at all, and almost everything will start to work automatically as the developers refine their code. So, if you're interested in a mainstream product at the moment, they just don't exist, but the next lib version will begin the chain of events that will result in a lot of complete, polished apps that will work without so much work in configuring and etc.. So, just be patient for now, all this will be coming soon. -Stephen
  16. I think some accesspoints/routers may behave in this way, and while it is incorrect, steps are being taken in the lib to fix this for the next release. -Stephen
  17. Haha, ok - well. I'm still around if you do have questions -Stephen
  18. i've tried everything i can think of but it wont work, i dont get it? i've basically have copied and pasted the original and this code but it wont work its says dest ip : (my comp) source (ds) port : 8888 but i get no response if(Stylus.Held) { if(Stylus.X>208 && (Stylus.Y>144)){ strcpy(sendbuf,text); sain.sin_family=AF_INET; sain.sin_port=htons(portnum); sain.sin_addr.s_addr=destip; sendto(sock,"test",strlen("test"),0,(struct sockaddr *)&sain,sizeof(sain)); } that pretty much a copy of sgstairs version but i've hardcoded a message in this case.(it was using a typed version b4) i noticed that yours says out and stevens says in which is odd but i swapped them and it made no difference. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Please note that in general you cannot send data from a 192.168.1.* address to a 192.168.2.* without a gateway system configured for the connection between the two seperate networks (I'm willing to bet you don't have such in place) This isn't rocket science, but it really really helps to have a solid understanding of networking... if you do have further questions, I'm more open to talking on IRC - see #dswifi on EFnet - I'm usually around. (Forums are good for lengthy discussions about topics that most parties understand well, but are not as well suited for teaching, etc - IMO) -Stephen
  19. @LargePig: Yeah, thanks -Stephen
  20. Yeah, the test project does have hardcoded paths for the include files and libraries - in order to use the test project, just modify the paths in the makefile. To make a new project, either add the include files' path to the makefile, or copy the include files into your project... then include the.lib files in your project too (could copy them to your project dir too) -Stephen
  21. At present... homebrew stuff (dswifi lib) supports UDP/IP (yes, it does work over the internet) - which is the less most frequently used half of the set of internet protocols commonly known as TCP/IP. In order to use this you either need an Access Point, a Wireless router, or a Wifi card that supports a soft-ap mode. - you will also need a method of running homebrew, which inferno covered briefly, but this is not the place to be asking for how to run homebrew - other places will answer that question for you. If (on the off chance) You're just talking about the Nintendo WFC (official internet play) - then you just need a router or AP or softAP - no need for anything else (besides of course the DS and the game to go with it) -Stephen
  22. If you guys have major questions about coding using the released lib, please post them here, so we can have a knowledge-base of sorts for people just starting out. -Stephen
  23. Mmmm, multitasking... Time to go off and attempt to work on my huge number of projects again today -Stephen
  24. I don't think I'm going to be writing an IRC client - it's worked out to where it's probably just to release the lib to everyone and such things will quickly emerge. -Stephen
  25. You do know what a "pre-release" is, don't you? I mean, the very essence of the word says "it's not released yet"... Why do you expect it to be "released", given this information? -Stephen
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