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  1. Do you go to liberate the source code? with this we can help it to improve it the software. Thanks.
  2. Win2DS *Unofficial* v0.7 Release by Deivetru Notes December 16, 2006 ------------------------------------- This is unofficial build of the Win2DS client and server. ***************** Changelog: --------- keyboard more stable; touch with the pen in zoom screen=click of mouse; server is 100% stable; move zoom screen with keyboard active; disable update full screen with keyboard active to more speed; sleep mode disable update of screens; Disclaimer: ---------- Feel free to distribute this release in whatever ways you wish, so long as proper credit is given to everyone involved. Win2DS is created by Bill Blaiklock e-Mail: sintax@digitalAtrocity.com Win2DS *Unofficial* v0.7 Release by Deivetru link: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...post&id=389
  3. the same it is happening with me, I I have M3-SD and M3-CF. Some idea of the incompatibilit? thanks!!
  4. You have the will to liberate the source code for front more? We can help you to improve this program, Ok. Thanks!!
  5. Hi, to return contact from the server with the client, to make a called archive boot.bat that will contain the following one: pskill.exe win2ds.exe win2ds.exe ------------------------------------------------------------ search in google to Pskill.exe command iit saves as boot.bat in the folder of win2ds.exe. it creates a shortcut for boot.bat, and click as button of the mouse in the shortcut and selects properties and it presses a keyboard key for the shortcut(ex:F8,F9,F10,F11,F12). later test in nintendo DS if it restarts win2ds.exe, touching the keyboard key chosen in nintendo DS, always closes the window of the DOS to function right. when to lose contact with the server, has touched the keyboard key chosen in the keyboard of the win2ds, later it detaches and it connects of new, and later it closes the window of the DOS, to function of new. Bye !!
  6. Hi Sintax, I have an idea for you. Do you it would have conditions of buffering some seconds of zoom view in DS to be faster to play video in Mediaplayer? with this it would only lack to send the sound for the DS, if becoming one video streaming
  7. Hi, I made one script to connect twirling the command "sh /home/wifion.sh" and to detach "sh /home/wifioff.sh" executes the publisher of text of dslinux: vi /home/wifion.sh iwconfig nds channel 6 essid SoftAP-91 key 0102031a2b ifconfig nds up route add default gw ----------------------------------------- use command wq to save in vi. and vi /home/wifioff.sh ifconfig nds down ------------------------------------------ use command wq to save in vi. it does not forget to execute this command, only a time: echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf ---------------------------------------------------------------- it modifies as its configuration in route with IP, channel,essid, WEP,etc. I wait to have helped, by!!!!
  8. Hi, forgives for the question that I made, did not have intention to provoke the fight of nobody, only found interesting to contribute with some information for the group, vocĂȘs had not understood right, I did not say to convert the Video Lan for the DS, but if it is possible to receive the signal that it sends for door 8888, the video would be without compression with a buffer of some seconds and the audio tablet, I find that the DS is capable to twirl this video and audio. Now if it to make this with that they make questions, nobody more goes to want to help and will be with distrust to give some idea. Thanks and peace!!!!
  9. Hi, here is link to source code : http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Do we can adapt this code for nintendo DS to receive these data for door UDP? Somebody is qualified to make this? Thanks!!!
  10. Server stops to send the image, and mouse and the keyboard only functions, having that to close the program in the PC and to execute of new.All have this problem? Thanks!!!
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