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  1. I bought it when it came out. Its not as great as some people make it out to be. In the end its just another PC RPG filled with fetch quests, mass item hoarding, and other common cliches. It loses its charm quickly, but it still can be fun to play. Annoyingly, it doesn't have any real LAN capability so don't expect to really multiplay this unless you find a private server or play on their actual server. In my opinion it was also really easy, I don't think I died once.
  2. You know... There was a time when this place was very "intelligent" and people always had something to contribute. Lots of threads were about gaming/emulation back then but those times have passed. I've also spoken with other users about how some of the posts on 1emu are just a waste of time to read, but there are ridiculous gems here and there. I just wish the revival of the irc had worked but no one here seemed too interested in logging in. Don't be hard on yourself for a thread you eventually just take back, even I've left this place with no notice for long amounts of time for seemingly no reason. Things just change, people just change. I don't expect some of those users from the past to ever come back, most of them are still around here somewhere, but like I said, things change. That is a brief mention of my perspective, something I don't offer all that often.
  3. Does this thing make a high pitched buzz when both batteries are fully charger or there is no batter in the charger? The Quick Charge Kit from Microsoft does and even though its kind of quiet it does drive me crazy sometimes.
  4. Definitely wait for the GOTY addition. You can also find it cheaper than $54 just in case you cannot wait, but there is too much DLC to pay for regardless so stick it out!
  5. Tuna, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt. All relatively cheap, packed with protein, and good for you.
  6. MvsC2 on 360, but something doesn't feel quite right about it... maybe I'm just too used to the DC version and pick up on the small things. Peggle as well, but its getting boring.
  7. Oh Boy! Now I can play Modern Warfare and be a pedobear!
  8. First thing I thought of when I loaded the video : JKK
  9. Gambit looks a little vampiric imo. Cap looks cool in that last screenshot though so thats good
  10. Summoner was also on the PC, however I can't exactly recommend it as to what you seem to be looking for. Why don't you just play FF5 with a party of 4 summoners?
  11. Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires, yay for a half-assed "sequel" that was obviously rushed. Still fun (frustrating) multiplay though.
  12. I can think of a few exceptions I cannot. too much of anything and it looses it's meaning. One becomes used to it. Sex included. Doing it 14+ times a week for a few months, and you'll not get as hard as you once were. It's not as... special. Food... Pizza isn't as good if you have it everyday. Air conditioning... You don't notice it if your always inside. ETC. This all comes down to perspective. Taking things for granted can get you into difficult places and times. Learning from them leads to a greater appreciation and passion for things that may otherwise become meh. At least, thats how I seem to think at this time.
  13. I can think of a few exceptions
  14. lies. Oblivion has awesome glitches. The music relaxes me. The Music is veeeeery soothing It is. Its also very lonely.
  15. I do actually. Then again, the only things I truly "pirate" these days via BitTorrent is anime/manga and an occasional PS2 game. There are some pretty good anime private trackers if you're interested. Speeds and content are unmatched, you'll usually always find a seed.
  16. If people only come here for the FAS thats a problem in and of itself? Who cares. EDIT: I love the family here
  17. Our resident Dreamcast expert! Welcome back!
  18. Good luck and take care, we'll hold a place for you here
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