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  1. Just saw this posted on Slashdot:


    I was at the flea market in Oakland yesterday when a pile of EPROMs caught my eye. When I got them home I found that they were prototypes for Colecovision games. A few were unpublished or saw limited runs, like Video Hustler (billiards). Others were fully released, like WarGames. But the crown jewel is what look to be a number of chips with various revisions of Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park for Atari 2600. This game was never released and has never been seen. It was a port of the version for Colecovision, and this lot of chips also included the Coleco version. So now I have to find someone who can dump EPROMs gently onto a PC so we can play this never-before seen game, which is almost certainly awful.

    You can go to the originating article here.


    It's good to know there are still many unreleased treasures to be found. I'm still waiting for a playable Sonic Xtreme. :)

  2. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 + Sonic & Knuckles is the best...


    ...it was originally going to be one game -- but the price of the ROM chips needed for it as a big cart would've made it cost too much. So they released it as two games split by 6 months so parents could hold out long enough for both, etc.


    It's the ultimate Sonic game.

  3. i made some songs in acid pro over the course of this year (when i'm really f'n bored) -- probably spent like 5 minutes on each... threw them all together as a little album. it's basically just ambient, electronica, softer techno, video gameish stuff... here's the track listing followed by the download link. tell me what you think (YOU SUCK is acceptable).


    1. prime

    2. quick_song

    3. defeat them

    4. disturbance

    5. something never blah

    6. no hope

    7. silversleep

    8. speakeasy

    9. eupro mape

    10. razorai


    get it here

  4. For those of you that I did invite -- this weekend is Golden Torrents Weekend...


    'What's a Golden Torrent Weekend?' I hear you n00bs ask.... well, during a GT weekend the tracker treats Golden Torrents a bit differently.




    - Anything downloaded on a Golden Torrent during the weekend will not count towards your download amount!

    - And to reward seeders: anything uploaded on a Golden Torrent during the weekend will count as double towards your total upload amount!


    So, basically: Everyone's a winner!

    Visit the front page of UG for more information!

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