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  1. From the size of the files I'm guessing each file comes with an emu. Unless the manual files are huge.

    The manual files are just plain HTML as we've recently discovered, so no... that's not why it's huge. Hopefully, they include a "general" emulator that emulates the entire hardware not just the specifics on a per-game basis... which would be ignorant. So, I guess it's safe to say that it probably includes an all purpose emulator.



  2. That's it, MK died, fuk you midway, fuk you dc, you all deserve a flocking d!ck shoved up both your assholes and your earlobes, I fuking hate you, you disapoint me more then sega does with the sonic franchise you fuking cunts.



    As far as I was concerned, MK died at UMK3. As soon as they came out with the compilation with all the characters in 1 game... I knew they were finished. They started milking the franchise RIGHT then... pushing out crap just to get a few bucks -- even as a child I understood this -- and I think many people don't understand THAT is when it all started. They've been murdering MK for 12 years (Trilogy was 1996)... and MKvDC is further proof of the milking and murdering.


    All that aside, this does look like the most interesting MK release in a very very long time. I am a forgiving man, and I let people take their chances to prove me wrong. As you said as well, Drakeypoo, Sonic is dying too... and I'm willing to forgive Sega if they'd just release one good new Sonic game... maybe Unleashed will do that.

  3. Changed it hope thats better...


    Na seriosuly, what the hell Im tolerating behaviour that is aggressive and threatning, what would you do?

    How I've always dealt with it is kind of ignore him... when my friend doesn't take his medication (which he doesn't anymore at all)... I just kind of let him talk my ear off.


    Where is this taking place? Neighborhood? School? Work?


    Here's something I've learned in life... no one likes confrontation. If you get in someone's face and you're half their size and you talk to them sternly, they back down. No matter how nerdy, short, ugly, whatever you are -- people back down feverishly. You need to confront him about being a douche bag... and if that doesn't work, go to someone of authority -- whoever it may be.

  4. For those of you who don't visit Digg, I just saw this...




    This has to be the most jaw-dropping NES mod ever ... putting a whole system-on-a-chip NES console clone into an original game cartridge. Talk about how to demonstrate the advances in shrinking electronics over the years! Modder Kotomi took an original Super Mario Brothers cartridge, gutted it and somehow squeezed in all the circuitry, chips, power switches, twin joystick ports and composite video and stereo audio sockets. And it even looks pretty neat. If I was wearing a hat, I'd tip it in Kotomi's direction.

    The originating article can be found here.

  5. Quest 64 was NOT released as this "Holy Magic Century" you call it anywhere but in PAL regions. In US/JP regions it was called Quest 64.


    BTW, it sucked fierce ass too.

    I kind of liked it... but then again RPGs really aren't my thing -- so I'm not a good/reliable critic. :lol:

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