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  1. As a child, my most favorite (or memorable) game opening was for Sonic the Hedgehog 3. My jaw was on the floor -- I was amazed at how fast the screen was moving and seeing Super Sonic fly across the water from the get-go. This was immediately followed by seeing Sonic's new foe: Knuckles. Being able to play a whole brand-new Sonic game and seeing all this action right from the start had me so anxious...


    I can't think of any other opening that is etched this hard in my brain.

  2. Back before I had a semi-modern PC I used Raine to emulate arcade games. I highly recommend it to people with a slower PC as it runs faster than MAME (at least from what I've tested). Back with an old version and some frameskipping I used to play Marvel vs. Capcom on my 200MHz PC. It ran less CPU-intensive games just fine whilest the very same games chugged under any given MAME release. It still holds a place in my heart -- so I use it to emulate the games that it can. While it doesn't emulate the massive number of games that MAME does -- it emulates them very very well.

  3. Well, I broke down and decided to release my present early for all you Neo-Geo fans (especially for the NeoRAGEx devotees). What's the present? I've translated EGCG's NeoRAGEx version 5.4 (the unofficial continuation of the Neo-Geo AES/MVS emulator) from Spanish to English (as well as some other fixes/text changes) -- which I've dubbed: NeoRAGEx v5.4e. This version vastly improves the compatibility of NeoRAGEx with a whopping 63 more games supported! Here is a screenshot of NeoRAGEx version 5.4... in English! :thumbsup1:




    You can download NeoRAGEx v5.4e here. Visit #castlevania on EsperNet (irc.esper.net) if you have questions or comments.

  4. Ahead of time, I'm olaf (the author of two emulators -- vbSMS+ and olafnes). A friend and I just started a new IRC channel and we need some people to help us populate it. The channel is #castlevania on EsperNet (you can click here to join it if you have an IRC client installed, otherwise -- the server is irc.esper.net). Right now, it's just he and I -- but I hope to get this channel up and hoppin'. Now you may be asking yourself some questions...


    What will they discuss in #castlevania?

    Well, the channel name is sort of misleading -- but fitting. We will talk about our favorite video games, computing, emulation, ROM hacking, life, anything. We (my friend andrew and I) are not strict at all -- we'll talk about just about anything.


    Why "#castlevania"?

    Castlevania is one of my personal favorite video game series -- and video games will hopefully be a large part of what we talk about in #castlevania. Castlevania is also a large castle (where people normally live in) -- so a channel after the name of a castle just feels kind of homely (if you ask me).


    Why should I join #castlevania?

    Hopefully, to have a fun chatting experience online and meet new people to talk about video games you like and other things in real-time conversation. I'd like to talk to you about emulation, programming, video games, PC repair, whatever. I like chatting. :bartsimpson:


    So, come on, help out and join the channel now! Hope to see you there!

  5. It's the same sort of "left column clipping" done on MMC3 games for the NES (such as Kirby's Adventure).


    Private Sub blankcolumn(lineno As Long)


    Dim colour As Long, row_precal As Long, X As Long


    If LayerDrawBG = False Then

    Exit Sub

    End If


    colour = CRAM(16 + (vdpreg(7) And &HF&))

    row_precal = ShiftLeft(lineno, 8 )


    For X = 8 To 0 Step -1

    display(X + row_precal) = colour

    Next X


    End Sub

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