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  1. Graphx cards should be dirt cheap by now, yeah with a decent rig games look and run better on a pc but for the price of a gfx card you could almost nope scratch that you can buy a console. it almost seems useless trying to keep up with pc upgrades.
  2. Who the fuck is this mealy mouth bastard?
  3. Ems did u get raped by a japanese person or something as a child lol you are so full of rage against them
  4. Crysis 2- good game I just know the pc version is gonna look 100 times better lol Motor Storm Apocalypse it's a wacky racing game lol but this time around you have weather and earthquakes and shit affecting the race
  5. oh god stop hating on sony, Microsoft does this more than anybody.
  6. im downloading it now and about to give it a whirl
  7. I still cant believe xbox isnt getting an exclusive character too weird, who did they piss off at netherrelms lol
  8. Have a safe trip, and post pics of your treasures after ya get them
  9. LMAO how did I not know about this wonderful day
  10. LOL i know how you are about cutscenes so i can't fully reccommend yakuza 4 for you, then again i just played the first 30 mins and only about 5 of those were spent actually fighting lol
  11. On a side note Inky I heard that Deus Ex will be released in August of this yr after all
  12. it's a good game just wished for diff control scheme
  13. Dragon Age 2-so much better than the first one Killzone 3 hate to say it but I would enjoy it better with COD controls You Don't Know Jack- its as fun as ever Also I hate to admit it but I have almost completely lost interest in MVC3 that's just sad
  14. Finished it, Loved the story can't wait for the sequel
  15. MGS4 is def a story based game which if u skip the cut scenes u can beat that game in under 2 hrs lol,Uncharted is just the shit lol, I was teetering about getting Yakuza 3 but I hear mixed things about it and dont wanna waste the bandwith on something I wont get into,3d dot game heroes is pretty fun if you ever wanted to play the original Legend of Zelda in 3d lol. I started a game of 3d heroes and enjoyed it I will get around to more at some point.
  16. Fight Night Champion, I love Fight Night so I have nothing bad to say about it so far
  17. It's awesome first time through. I know who the origami killer is.... .... .... Pay me 100 bucks or else! I know too lol so dont spoil it for the man, I would hate to have to whip a man's ass anyway Inky just be very careful with all the characters you interact with in that game , that's all I will say lol . You will figure out who the killer is before the end of the story if ya pay attention
  18. I like it the crude humor and swearing and the gameplay isnt bad
  19. there arent many unlocks at all in the game.
  20. what the fuck??? are you guys gonna ask where the ninjas are at next lol
  21. do you have a ps3 game in the drive , you have to have one in there for it to work properly
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