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  1. OOOPs didnt see the other topic, but it is worth the rehash cuz of the shittiness of it
  2. I also relize these are just rumors, but just the thought is still bullshit.
  3. With all these rumors of next gen consoles not playing used games or requiring a constant internet connection, the next gen is off to a shitty start IMO.
  4. You have sense enough to hate Cena's bitch ass, but you hang on Jericho's dick? lol you are a strange fellow. Anyways good to see Brock back his deal has him for 15 Appearances for 5 million dollars, Since the Rock has to go shoot a few movies, this will keep Cena busy and out of the Title picture so that other talent can go fro the strap.
  5. The only older systems I can get my kid interested in are NES and SNES and only for the Mario games lol
  6. get a job your fucking slob is how I'll reply lol
  7. 2002 red ford contour and 2007 mercury marianer
  8. What's up with that parking job dude? lol
  9. If anything it would have to be the internet, Im pretty much straight edge on drinking,smoking or doing drugs
  10. B or D im not going to jail for anybody, Fuck that noise.
  11. Wow a nice fresh layout, things are renamed and streamlined. it's a whole new 1emu.. It's still real to me dammit (only wrestling marks will get that lol).
  12. The Men's corner is a great idea, do it.... do it ...... do it also a clearing out of the inactive or less popular forums is long overdue.
  13. I love it so much, If it were a woman I would try to get her to my house tonight for some breakfast in the morning lol
  14. Inky is right. If we became a private tracker I dont see us having a prob. would bring some fresh traffic to the site.
  15. seriously if this guy is causing trouble send me pms and I will see what I can do to fix the situation
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