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  1. nope i just go in click on what i want to play then back to the xmb to play the game, which firmware are you using
  2. Rogero manager works flawless for me on a sde note Final Burn next is great if you have some old school emulation thirst in ya
  3. go to newegg.com and buy one of the TB pocket drives, take it apart and put it in your ps3 thats what im gonna replace my 500gb drive with
  4. this game will be 20-30 bux in a few months
  5. they dont wanna release the full roster yet im sure since those pics are from HQ there are all the unlocks and such there
  6. yeah Square Enix pushed it back cuz of the whole FFXIII and FFXIV screwups
  7. ummmmmmm the new Deus Ex is delayed until next yr
  8. I seen a bad video result from buying some used panties on a dare lol
  9. Thanks for the info. I'll do it when I get my game Tuesday. get kmeaw CFW and make sure your firmware is below 3.55 Yeah get Kmeaw, however it can be 3.55 at the highest. Lol that's what I meant it just didnt come out that way. thanks dude
  10. I was gonna use business credentials but I didnt like a dumbass
  11. Thanks for the info. I'll do it when I get my game Tuesday. get kmeaw CFW and make sure your firmware is below 3.55
  12. Welp It's def a better experience on the PS3 control wise
  13. dude with the new CFW that shit took me like 5-10mins to do. and its pretty much brick proof on the slims, I say go for it
  14. well i finally got the nuts to jailbreak my ps3 and everything seems to be working ok so far so im gonna load MvC3 on it to see if I like the control better on the PS controller
  15. I applied to beta test one but im not looking fwd to it after the reviews from others and def not now that it comes from someone I trust but if I do get one Im sure I can find other uses for it lol
  16. As much as I like Duke Nukem, this game should be coming out as a budget title. I just don't think it's gonna be something to wet your panties over
  17. pretty much all combos will have to be relearned, its a entirely diff button setup from 2,the pop up button to be honest dude I have only used it to setup an air combo then sometimes link it to a tag air combo and I use it to knock an opponent out of the air, I havent really practiced that much when u got 2 kids they want juice and shit a lot so they are distracting lol. anything else oh yeah and i have tried playing the useless characters many ways and they still suck. I mean Arthur has a wide range of keep away attacks and he has speed but if you lose armor which u will do after a few hits he is a damage spongeand he has that akward jump pattern.
  18. It is a 3 button attack pattern light, medium, hard, which sucks balls a lil to me cuz if you are used to tradition 6 button layouts for fighters the moves are kinda wonky sometimes until you practice. its a marvel vs capcom game of course combos are king and the computer will block your shit like crazy as far as infinites go I think they got most of them out of there but I'm sure someone will figure something out.playing this game with a pad sucks balls, while i like the game i just feel something is missing or incomplete about the whole thing as much as I thought the final product was gonna stray away from TvC it didnt get that far from it. and I got tired of TvC really quick and this is going towards that same road. My mains for the moment are Dante,Deadpool,and Trish. unless you are leet do not pick phoenix I tried playing with her and she litterally died in like 20 secs on a few occasions she gets raped unless you are at level 5 when you are playing as her. She hulk is almost totally useless to me the only reason I pick her now is cuz I like her level 3 hyper combo.Dante is just a beast he can save your ass in a pinch. Sentinel is a cheap bastard and is gonna be a bitch in tourneys he is way overpowered.As useless as I thought Ryu would be he isnt that bad.Taskmaster also surprised me he has good mix ups and his supers work from a lot of combo setups and if u can catch someone in his level 3 it does some real decent damage.Athur and V joe are useless to me as well, that's prolly one of the biggest things against this game is that some of the rosters choices are like what the fuck. but the graphics are great and it keeps a constant frame rate. I havent had a chance to take it online yet so I cant judge the lag. Anything else ya wanna know??/
  19. What do you wanna know? ask and I will answer I will tell ya Galactus is a Cheesy bitch A 200 hit combo cheesy bitch!!!!!
  20. Your first to go on my destroyed list. Whatever faggot lol
  21. OH SNAP!!!!! Ems you just got owned lol
  22. when playing you dont actually notice the hit sparks that much
  23. I find that as I get older my hands and brain don't work as fast as the old days. add to that less time to practice and no real motivation to be "great" adds up to me being a mediocre fighting game player. but it is still my favorite kind of game. same here
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