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  1. or do you currently have one? lol I had an ex that when we broke up she decided to break all my shit before I left and then wanted sex from me.
  2. P 90x I swear that dude wants to say dont quit on me pussy halfway through the workout
  3. You would give her a necklace? For what? I'd reward her with a necklace if she did something good (sex more than once, a good deed maybe?) for me, otherwise she could forget the necklace all together. I was talking a "pearl necklace"
  4. I got bored with it then the news of the other 12 characters on the disc, and also being ones I really wanted to play as. I got the means to play the on disc dlc and got bored again after 3 hrs
  5. This is def gonna show the age of our members. lol The lowest prices I can recall was 88 cents a gallon. how bout you guys?
  6. I have posted a pic of myself on here in the show your pic thread , if you two chickens would join FB you would see faces more often ya pussies lol
  7. really ???? you were paying attention to the necklace? I would give her a necklace though.
  8. played it, it's tekken tag in 2d with projectiles
  9. Why is that? How did your look change? in HS i always had short to no hair and didnt wear glasses, now I have long hair, and wear glasses
  10. my wife doesnt and wont kiss in the morning cuz of morning breath i told her my dick doesnt mind bad breath.
  11. most of my classmates now wouldnt even reconize me
  12. I stick with the axe and bod man stuff , I once heard a woman tell a dude only gay guys wear colonge anymore. I was like wtf!!!!!
  13. I mean the 2 chick and you kind not the devils 3 way or a london bridge lol. I had 2 in college. the first was just being in the right place at the right time with 2 drunk girls and the second time was the same 2 girls but they were sober. While I enjoyed it , it was hard work if ya know what I mean lol.and no matter how much of a stud or superman you think you are 2 women are a handful to please. so break out ya freaky stories guys.
  14. Just wanna know how ya feel about relationships. be honest there is no judging here.
  15. Were any of you friends with lots of your highschool classmates? or were you like me and went to school with a lot of stuck up douche bags?
  16. considering half of consoles arent even online, I really cant see Sony and Microsoft shooting them selves in the foot like that. But then again Microsoft are greedy fucks and Sony doesnt have the smartest business practices in the industry. both are known for thinking they know what the customer wants. I give nintendo a lot of shit but at least they open a ear to their customers every once in a while.
  17. Gaming has become such shit, back in the day when you bought or even rented a NES game half the joy of getting the game was looking at the manual on the car ride home, also when I pay 60 bux I do want a physical product for my money.
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