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  1. what i really mean to say was that BP publish a list saying wich new games were added or fixed, its good to see an update for these emulator, i use it to play mame games. thanks for the info-.....
  2. awesome.....cant wait to play these game.....thanks freakdave for these port......
  3. another coinops release...again, many games added and fixed, dont know why BP doesn't put a list of these games.........
  4. im apologize for posting the link........
  5. maybe you should try on this page *snip* it the official coinops 2 support web, BP answers directly
  6. awesome, bring back so many memories!!! thanks fu
  7. nice looking skin, any chance a release for Final burn legends 1.6???
  8. good to see a new update..... thanks to madmab for improving it. thanks fu for the upload
  9. hi everyone good to see a new update its on development phase, thanks +T+, i question, FBL has the fast forward option, i dont see it..... thanks
  10. how do i contact Trusty???? these xbox updgrade is stable, i mean in logn terms doesnt affect the system stabillity?? thanks
  11. well the latest version of coinops is "COINOPS 2 R7" you cant get from emuparadise o xboxisozone if you like it, ti make a fresh install delete all the folders of coinops, except for the roms you have, and delete the UDATA using XBMC.
  12. looks very nice ....thanks fu!!
  13. first of all, thanks again for your amazing job.....really many thanks the idea of making a new FBL build for console games is really nice, i like FBL 1.5 becuase it concentrates only on arcade games (wish coinops do the same thing) and having the new build is like having a new console emulator......the only idea makes me very happy.... i love my xbox 1, many friends that sold their xbox 1 for new console generatiosn dont know what are they missing, the xbox scene is very much alive....... i totally support, agree, can't wait for these new build................thanks once again for you and all the othesr involved (kenshiro, iq_132, etc...)
  14. great another update, thanks!!!!
  15. great, awesome, fantastic, incredible....... thanks a lot!!!!!!!!
  16. nop, i never saw that movie "the wizard" but saw the AVGN episode about it....... very funny..
  17. great thead, my tpo are: classic: 1- super mario bros 3 (nes) 2- legend of zeld(snes) 3- double dragon 1 (nes) next gen: 1- legend of zelda: twilight princess 2- half life 2: orange box (xbox 360) 3- tales of vesperia (xbox 360)
  18. great another update of these excellent emulator.... thanks XtecuterX73.
  19. Thanks for you answer, where can i get the proper roms??? Do not ask for roms!! great job you are doing and iq_ 132..
  20. hi everyone i have use these new cores with these results: - syphon filter 1 and 2: you get to pass play the game, but the FPS is very slow, too difficult to play like this, use the reloaded core - thousand arms: BIOS and HLE mode with reloaded core, the games does not let you go any further, when you get in the scene you defend a girl from being attack, they kick your ass, then you hear some blacksmith and no more game, cant get to move on.
  21. hi about FBL 1.4 i have tested these roms that were included in the download: - wow new fantasy: its upside down - vimana: no sound - kiling blade: dont load, crc error - knights of valour: dont load - knights of valour superheroes: dont load - alien sector: doesnt show up in the list - maze of flott: you cant past the test screen - osman: graphic glitches - party time: graphic glitches someone has the same troubles?? thanks
  22. great knights of valour 2!!!!!!! FBL LEGENDS IS AMAZING!!!! Thanks iq_132
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