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  1. hi fu i try to download qwak from that link but the only donwloads ive found are for windows and mac versions, do you have another link you can pm me??
  2. +T+, iq_132 mentions a fix on martial arts that stops freezing the game, are you going to release some small update? or FBL 1.5? Thanks for an amazing job
  3. these fix on martial arts, are you going to release some small update? or FBL 1.5? Thanks iq_132 for an amazing job
  4. great...."only the best gets better"....... thanks
  5. many thanks +T+ for these update.......final burn legends is the best emulator for CPS1, CPS2 and Neo Geo... and gets better!!!! great job
  6. these game looks very good, waiting a possible release
  7. wow, more roms, and a new zelda hack, thanks fu.....
  8. hi, great, these new update seems awesome...final burn legens has a fast forward function, and if not, it will be included in these new release...?
  9. thnaks another unrelease rom!!!!! great thanks a lot... by the way, i will like the snes rom hacks,
  10. great news, looks awesone running at that speed....also great news about a new update for final burn legends
  11. snes zelda link to the past metroid megaman x 1,2,3 ISS Deluxe super mario rpg GBA Metroid fussion metroid zero mission PSCXBOX Castlevania symphony of the night megaman x4 breath of fire 3 MAME Cabal TMNT The simpsons Vendetta I play all of these games from beginning to the end
  12. great news.... cant wait for these update..... thanks a lot
  13. looks great....... these is a port for the xbox or the DS???? thanks
  14. more midway games with sound like: judge dredd rampage 2 world tour mortal kombat 3 ultimate mortal kombat nba hangtime
  15. hi, these new upgrade seems very nice....... to bad only for the full package users..... i test ultimate mortal kombat and is does not work, i get the rom from your full package release, when you choose it and it starts to load it says "missing files" thanks
  16. wow these looks great..... 240 new arcade games!!!!!! any chance you making these updates for the stanalone version??? thanks for all you great work..........
  17. thanks for your incredible job....... too bad these update is only for the full package..... my hdd is small and i only have the standalone version keep up the good work BP......
  18. great news, thanks for the upload....
  19. hi nes supernintendo nintendo 64 ps1 ps2 gamecube xbox 1 (softmoddedd with 120gb HDD) WII (softmodded with external HDD 500 GB) XBOX 360 no jtag thats all
  20. i love these emulator the only "but" is the locks BP has put, i really want to decide wich roms i put. its a great job you are doing BP, thanks a lot
  21. First of all, thanks BP for these amazing job and the uploaders for sharing it.... Second, ive had download coinops 2 and im sharing it with everyone, i connect over 8 hours per day, but in the night i turn off my PC, i know there are many like me doing these, we are sharing the most we can (i have upload 16 GB) third my hard drive is not that big to put these entire collection, BP, can you tell me wich roms i can erase???? im dying to test these new version but can't put all of it in my hard drive. thanks again....................
  22. looks great these new release, more arcades games...... thanks again BP great job
  23. thanks BP, incredible job you are doing.....can wait for these release..
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