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  1. I'm gonna finish FFIX. Recently played through VII, still the best RPG ever, and VIII, the biggest tragedy in RPG history. Could have been a fantastic game but the most absurd combat system makes it almost unplayable. Then I'm gonna play FFX again. After that FFX-2 and FFXII which I still haven't even tried a first time. After that I'll buy and play FFXIII.
  2. And I feel sorry for you BP. Thank you for CoinOPS! No thank you for your awful attitude! I'm out of here for good.
  3. I'll print this on a t-shirt and wear it for the rest of my life.
  4. Here you go. Mario Tennis is the only one of these which isn't working perfectly in Surreal. It's one of the funniest multiplayer games of all time though so you should really try fixing it. Now will you please in return PM a way to unlock my CoinOPS 2? I'll keep it to myself. By the way, playing N64 games in CoinOPS 2 will screw with the Surreal menu which isn't a good thing if you want both on your Xbox. Big Moutain 2000 Mario Tennis Mortal Kombat Trilogy Off Road Challange Paperboy Quake 64 Rally Challange 2000 Ready to Rumble Boxing - Part 2 RR64 - Ridge Racer 64 Snowboard Kids Wipeout 64 Paperboy is better than the arcade version. Wipeout and Ridge Racer are better than the PSX versions. IMO.
  5. As always the arcade part of CoinOPS 2 is outstanding. Very impressive with all the new games added! Everything seems to be working without problems. I know you're determined about this BP but I think you should really consider removing the lock. I know why you put it there but instead of having people asking questions about modified releases you get questions about why CoinOPS isn't working from people who's been removing roms they don't want in it. We're all forced to waste about 10-15 GB of space on stuff that many really don't care for. It's a stupid twist on an otherwise fantastic emulator. That's just my opinion. If not removing the lock then please at least make an option in the menu to hide console stuff. Thanks for the awesome arcade update!
  6. Pajankle and Annihilitor, thank you!
  7. I'm going to try CoinOPS 2 as well. If I delete UDATA and TDATA folders, will all my configurations for other games and emulators be lost?
  8. Circle of the Moon is one of my all time favorites, so that one has been bugging me for some time as well. What about The Goonies games, have the videos been fixed? Before both I & II had videos from II I think.
  9. You can play Commander Keen in DosXbox.
  10. Does DOS count as a console? Epic Pinball Duke Nukem 1-3 Hocus Pocus Alien Carnage Wolfenstein 3D Jazz Jackrabbit Stunts raptor Commander keen 1-6 They are all playable with the right configurations.
  11. You can be fine to do what you like with your code -- but when adding blocks with questionable behaviors to enforce your vision of how we should and shouldn't play the games -- it is the unfortunate direction for CoinOps. This behaviors echo the sayings of "cutting nose to spit the face". I will not upgrade into this version because of it -- but hope for no strange locks someday so i can use CoinOps again. Same here. I was really looking forward to CoinOPS 2 but I'm not upgrading to something with locks.
  12. I had no idea. Thanks! Then I'll go with zapper support for the NES instead.
  13. Updated SCUMM! It's almost perfect except you can't adjust the screen sice which makes it almost useless.
  14. Download the full game without the movie rip, and you won't need to press start.
  15. I'm a newbie myself, but it really doesn't get any easier than CoinOPS. Yes, you must have a modified Xbox. Buy one second hand, and make sure you get one with atleast 100 GB storage, or you'll regret it later. In sweden where I live you'll have to pay around £50 for that. Download XBMC, burn it to a DVD and run it in your Xbox. Unzip CoinOPS Epic. Transfer CoinOPS Epic to your Xbox. This manual looks complicated, but just do as it says and you'll see it's actually quite easy: http://www.monstermodchip.com/Xbox%20FTP.htm Delete TDATA and UDATA inder E: on your Xbox. Run default.xbe The rest is in docs included.
  16. Another two excellent N64 games that would suit CoinOPS. They're working great in Surreal: N64_Forsaken N64_RallyChallange2000 Mario Tennis 64 already in the list is probably the funniest 2-player tennis game ever, so if you could fix both issues with it, that would we awesome! The replay glitches are there in surreal, but the freeze isn't, so the latter shouldn't be too hard to fix.
  17. I lost my saves when playing Super Mario All-stars on Epic R1. This happened about every third time I saved and shut down the system.
  18. This is interesting. I always wondered why the pixel perfect option in MadMab edition emulators always cut off some of the screen. If this is necessary for pixel perfect, I prefer your other option. Whatever suits on the screen but still is as close as possible to pixel perfect, if that makes sense.
  19. I'll do my best to make a list, but I'm extremely busy with new baby and uni etc, so if you don't hear from me that's the reason.
  20. Ok. Here's the list of console requests for CoinOPS minus the ones that's already included. I've added just a few recently as well. Will try to go through the list again today and add a few more. NES: NES_AddamsFamilyUncleFestersQuest NES_Batman NES_BladesofSteel NES_BlasterMaster NES_DejaVu NES_GooniesI (fix video) NES_GunSmoke NES_HudsonsAdventureIslandII NES_IceClimber NES_IceHockey NES_Lifeforce NES_LittleNemoTheDreamMaster NES_ManiacMansion NES_MetalGearI NES_MetalGearIISnakesRevenge NES_MikeTysonsPunchout NES_Shadowgate NES_ShadowoftheNinja NES_StartropicsI NES_StartropicsIIZodasRevenge NES_TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesI NES_TrackFieldII NES_Uninvited NES_WariosWoods SNES: SNES_FinalFantsyII SNES_FinalFantasyIII SNES_IllusionofGaia Game Boy Color: GB_CastlevaniaIIBelmontsRevenge GB_CastlevaniaITheAdventure GB_CastlevaniaLegends GB_DonkeyKong GB_MetroidIIReturnofSamus GB_SuperMarioLandI GBC_LegendofZeldaLinksAwakening GBC_LegendofZeldaOracleofAges GBC_LegendofZeldaOracleofSeason Game Boy Advance: GBA_AdvanceWarsI GBA_CastlevaniaCircleoftheMoon (fix video) GBA_ChuChuRocket GBA_DKKingofSwing GBA_KuruKuruKururin GBA_LegendofZeldaTheMinishCap (!!) GBA_MetroidZeroMission GBA_MetroidFusion GBA_PokemonPinballRubySaphire Genesis: MDRIVE_Immortal MDRIVE_PhantasyStarIV Nintendo 64: N64_Castlevania (Didn't work when I tried it) N64_CastlevaniaLegacyofDarkness (Working fine) N64_DonkeyKong64 (Problems loading it. You can bypass freeze in the intro with a save, but the game runs slow) N64_GoldenEye007 (Slow) N64_MarioTennis64 (Freeze in game, replays are very glitchy) N64_Shadowgate64TrialoftheFourTowers N64_BigMountain2000 (Working fine) N64_MarioParty (Working fine) N64_OffRoadChallange (Working fine) N64_PaperBoy64 (Working fine) N64_RR64RidgeRacer64 (Working fine) PSX: PSX_StarWarsDarkForces (Doesn't load. There is a fix making it very playable) PSX_MetalGearSolid (Sound glitches)
  21. We need everyone who added a game here to specify if it's working, or if there are any knows issues. Also genre (as how they are devided in CoinOPS). I won't have time to test all, and BP needs the information for the add on package.
  22. BP, I see! Nice to see i haven't totally screwed up yet though. I just got a suggestion from Garcimak, who says he'd love to manage the arcade and feateres thread. I told him I'd let you know, and that I'll delete this one as soon as he's got a new thread up with all new information sorted. I'll keep manage the console bit.
  23. Really? I did add my favorite games to CoinOPS Epic, so right now it's hard for me to tell the opposite, but I wouldn't have thought it's that many. Strange.
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