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  1. I'm a bit behind on the arcade part. I'd love to see someone else sort this thread out, and let me focus on the console bit. ANYONE?
  2. I removed Super Doge Ball and Super Off Road for NES. The latter has already the arcade and SNES version in CoinOPS. Let me know if there's still reason to put the NES version in. BP, since Aria of Sorrow video's already in, I didn't care to mention it on the wish list, but obviously as a fan of the metroidish Castlevania games, all three of them should be there, and if any is not, then it's Harmony of Dissonance, which IMO is the weaker game.
  3. Salomonkane, here's the list for supported games in CoinOPS Epic: http://www.sendspace.com/file/j4e1qa'&...com/file/j4e1qa As you can see, there is a PCD_ShadowoftheBeast. Is that the anthology version you're thinking about? Sega CD and Amiga is not yet supported in CoinOPS. BP, if I remember it right, Castlevania - Circle of the Moon is included in CoinOPS Epic, while it's got the video for Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow, therefor the video fix request. Lithium2010, there's already a SNES version of A Link to the Past included in CoinOPS. Do you really care for the GBA version? The emulation is much better for SNES than GBA. I believe Donkey Kong 64 isn't working in Surreal, so I wouldn't hold my breath.
  4. Fully optimized needs to be specified, as "sound glitches" for one. "Save states" is an over all emulator request, and goes in the other requests thread (it's already on the list). This post should read: PSX_MetalGearSolid (sound glitches)
  5. Let's keep arcade and emulator requests in the other "Request" thread, and only Console in this one. I'll manage this and keep every ones wishes at the top. If more than one suggest anything, I'll mark it with a "!" for each vote. If you want a game added, please look up the correct CoinOPS name in the readme before posting. Also, any information about emulation problems in CoinOPS you have on the game, or any other game on the list, please add that as well! NES: NES_AddamsFamilyUncleFestersQuest NES_Batman NES_BladesofSteel NES_BlasterMaster NES_DejaVu NES_Excitebike NES_GooniesI (fix video) NES_GunSmoke NES_HudsonsAdventureIslandII NES_IceClimber NES_IceHockey NES_Lifeforce NES_LittleNemoTheDreamMaster NES_ManiacMansion NES_MetalGearI NES_MetalGearIISnakesRevenge NES_MikeTysonsPunchout NES_Shadowgate NES_ShadowoftheNinja NES_StartropicsI NES_StartropicsIIZodasRevenge NES_TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesI NES_TrackFieldII NES_Uninvited NES_WariosWoods SNES: SNES_FinalFantsyII SNES_FinalFantasyIII SNES_IllusionofGaia Game Boy Color: GB_CastlevaniaIIBelmontsRevenge GB_CastlevaniaITheAdventure GB_CastlevaniaLegends GB_DonkeyKong GB_MetroidIIReturnofSamus GB_SuperMarioLandI GBC_LegendofZeldaLinksAwakening GBC_LegendofZeldaOracleofAges GBC_LegendofZeldaOracleofSeason Game Boy Advance: GBA_AdvanceWarsI GBA_CastlevaniaCircleoftheMoon (fix video) GBA_ChuChuRocket GBA_DKKingofSwing GBA_KuruKuruKururin GBA_LegendofZeldaTheMinishCap (!!) GBA_MetroidZeroMission GBA_MetroidFusion GBA_PokemonPinballRubySaphire Genesis: MDRIVE_Immortal MDRIVE_MicroMachinesTurboTournament96 MDRIVE_PhantasyStarIV Nintendo 64: N64_Castlevania N64_CastlevaniaLegacyofDarkness N64_DonkeyKong64 N64_GoldenEye007 N64_MarioTennis64 (freeze in game, replays are very glitchy) N64_Shadowgate64TrialoftheFourTowers N64_ZeldaMajorasMask N64_ZeldaOcarinaofTime PSX: PSX_StarWarsDarkForces (doesn't load) PSX_MetalGearSolid (sound glitches)
  6. When it comes to a list of priorities, from what I've seen in the main CoinOPS threads, pretty much everyone wants Midway with sound, and many are requesting Golden Axe - The Revenge of Death Adder. When it comes to features, pixel perfect console seems to be what most of us want. Personally I'd say that pixel perfect along with save states and cheat codes compatibility should get the highest priority when it comes to consoles, since those may be reasons for still using other emulators. I'm not applying for the project manager job here, not even sure I would be able to find the time needed if you BP or people here would like that, but I'd say that my list in the "Requests" thread, with the above priorities would be a good start, and most of the other requests on the list could and should be done the way you would like, as most of them are individual. Cheers and good like with Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3! Can't wait to play the arcade version with sounds in CoinOPS!
  7. Sounds excellent! Maybe we should start a console thread with people's requests?
  8. This is what CoinOPS users want as far as I can see. I will edit the list as new requests appear, and as stuff gets fixed, so that BP will never have to look elsewhere than at the top of this thread. Games: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Golden Axe - The Revenge of Death Adder Sol Divide (last boss) Star Wars - Dark Forces (psx) Fruity Franck (amstrad) Rick Dangerous I Rick Dangerous II Duke Nukem 3D Rise of the Triad Descent Redneck Rampage Rough Racer Gain ground (3p) Scramble Spirit. Super Punch-Out (sound) Ashita no Joe (sound) Nebulas Ray (sound) Judge Dredd (sound) WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game (sound) Blaster (midway) (Mace) The Dark Ages Ultimate Doom Alien Breed 1 Alien Breed 2 Perfect Dark Metal Gear Solid Dragon Saber (glitches fix) Xain Sleena (bad timing fix) Lady Frog (upside down in 90° mode) Optimization to run fine at full speed: Groove on Fight Astra Superstars Oriental Legend Phelios SF the Movie Night Slashers DJ Boy Laser Ghost Features: Pixel perfect console Different screen configuration for Gameboy Advance/Original Gameboy SMB support for all systems Integrate the UI controls across all cores Scanline emulation Loading off dvd Save states Amiga support Change weapon bug in Doom CPS3 games supported Light gun support Adult game filter Blinking power led when 'CREDIT' is inserted Fix the screensaver to show video/picture consistent with skin orientation Bring the console core to show video/picture consistent with skin orientation Ability to include playlist and/or more songs to the menu. Artwork: Asteroids Deluxe Solar Fox/Quest Tron
  9. I think both Goonies videos look lovely, but you can't fool me with my favorite games. Same with Castlevania - Circle of the Moon, I played that game over and over again on my first GBA, so I can tell that from Aria of Sorrow quite easily. SNES - Megadrive, you keep them, it's cool. Megadrive sound a bit more "arcadish", but indeed they usually look identical. Will this be a video pack with PSX videos as well? I'm really looking forward to those videos! About forming a team, I'd love to help out, just don't really know where and how to start. Got university studies and a little kid, so my spare time is limited, but any task that a non coder with a huge interest for retro gaming could do, let me know! Cheers!
  10. I don't really mind swapping snes and megadrive videos, by their looks some are almost impossible to differ. However, the sound of snes and megadrive differ a lot imo, so at least I can tell the difference quite easy.
  11. I know I can add any game I want, and I already added these, but the videos in Epic are so much better than the ones I'm making myself, or downloading elsewhere, that at least I would very much appreciate as good quality videos for these classic games: NES: Batman Blades of Steel Gun Smoke (it's actually better than the arcade version) Hudson's Adventure Island II Ice Climber Ice Hockey Mike Tyson's Punch Out (much better than SNES and arcade versions) RC Pro AM I & II Wario's Woods (for us lightly color blind, the snes version gets unplayable) PC Engine: New Adventure Island SNES: Final Fantasy II & III Illusion of Gaia Pinball Dreams Pinball Fantasies
  12. Tried PSX, N64, KI's, MKII, Doom 2. Everything appears to be working fine. Only thing is the weapon bug in Doom 2 is still there. Also, did you add compatibility for Ultimate Doom? You mentioned you were considering it before. I also must say that most videos look stunning! Cheers!
  13. I'm not sure, but I think Goonies I has a video from Goonies II.
  14. I've just installed it. Haven't test played yet, but I'm browsing through the game menu, enjoying the videos. What a huge pack it is! Cheers BP! I spotted one video mistake though. Castlevania - Circle of the Moon has the wrong video. I think the one showing is from Aria of Sorrow. Maybe you wanna include the right one in the video pack you're about to release. Again, thanks for the effort you've put into this, BP and distributors!
  15. I thought that the fire in Inferno looked kind of heavy metall in a not so cool way. The new logo is much more modern and clean imo.
  16. I'm at 73% now. Started the download yesterday about this time, so it's going pretty fast. Love the logotype!
  17. A PM with a link would be much appreciated! I'll seed through an amazing broadband speed here in Sweden.
  18. Rick Dangerous I Rick Dangerous II They were released for PC and the Amiga as well. The Amiga rom with both games and cheats included work flawlessly on WinUAEX, so it shouldn't be too hard to add.
  19. Well, BP wants a thread, so I thought I'd start one. Let's just post personal requests, without comments like "Good idea" or "No we don't need that", so that it'll be easier to sum it up every once in awhile. An important note though. If people despite this rule start commenting or trolling, please don't respond on that or try to defend yourself or anything. I'm convinced that ignoring stupidity here is the best way to deal with it. Here's my first suggestions for the thread, although I've mentioned these for BP before: Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 with sound. Pixel perfect console Different settings for Gameboy Advance and the other versions of Gameboy, so that yoo don't need to customize the screen when changing between the formats. Mario Tennis 64 (a fix so that the game gets playable in coinops) Star Wars - Dark Forces PSX (a fix so that the game gets playable in coinops) Sorry if any of these already have been worked on in CoinOPS Epic!
  20. Awesome! Yesterday I once again lost a save in Super Mario All-Stars. Played Mario 3. Last save was at the biggining of world 7. When I start world 8, I save again. Next time, I'm still at the beginning of world 7.
  21. I read you said that before, but to me it makes a big difference. I BIG arcade game, takes about 50 seconds to load on my box, but when I enable fast boot, it's 25. I'd say about everything boots twice as fast.
  22. You added an option the last release which made the loading times faster. On the other hand, saving your favorite games in highlighted gold in the menu doesn't work. I was wondering if the ingame saves could be affected by it as well.
  23. Cheers! Could the lost saves be due to the option for making the loading times faster? I'm using it.
  24. I tested Street Fighter 3 for the first time yesterday. The exit command doesn't work, but I guess it's due to the rip, right? No big deal though. I had one strange issue when playing super mario all-stars the other day. In lost levels, sometimes it didn't remember my saves, and I had to re-play a few levels. Even though I saved after a world. Don't know how the original is supposed to work, so maybe it's just the way the game is designed, but I thought it was strange.
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