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  1. Great you've got an idea for the naming! I have added those games myself, so it's no problem, I just thought especially Donkey Kong for GB deserves to be in your pack, as it is very arcadish, contains a huge number of levels, moves and boss fights. It truly is one of the best games ever created! I believe Adventure Island I & II on the SNES are very different from New Adventure Island on PCE. Anyway, no big deal, just try Donkey Kong GB out if you find some spare time, and make sure you play past the four first levels, cause that's where the real fun starts!
  2. Hello! This is my first post here and I would like to begin with a big THANK YOU for CoinOPS! It's the coolest thing in retro gaming ever! Just browsing through my collection of arcade and console games while watching the high quality videos makes me happy. Just a few thoughts. Am I the only one who thinks it looks strange in the menu when games with same name for different formats are called exactly the same? An example for me would be Batman, 4 different versions, arcade, nes, md and nes. Not a big deal, but wouldn't it look better to name them: Batman Batman (NES) Batman (MD) Batman (GB) And some games that would make it to the official pack if I was the author: Donkey Kong, Game Boy. One of the best games ever! 100 levels of donkey kong puzzles, the prequel to Mario vs Donkey Kong is actually better despite the old sgb colors. Goonies & Goonies II, NES, great gameplay, graphics and music. Both games are amazing! New Adventure Island, PCE. It's like the original Wonderboy but with better graphics and much better music. Boxy Boy, PCE, simple puzzler, yet very addictive. Warios Woods, maybe this was already included, I forgot, but it's the best NES puzzler of all! Kenseidan, SMS, nice game with superb music! Wario Land I, GB, I think this is actually the best of all Wario Land titles. The Level design is great and it's got some mysterious music to it. Pulling the rope for double or nothing after each level never gets boring! Wizards and Warriors X - Fortress of Fear, GB. It may look old but it plays better than any of the other W&W titles. I think that's it. Once again, THANK YOU!!!
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