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  1. I just send this to BP, but I thought I might just as well post it here too. Am I the only one who thinks the NES mapping is strange? Shouldn't X be B and A be A? As it is now, games like Super Mario Bros is at least for me really tricky to play.
  2. I know Dark forces is playable in PCSXBOX, so I hope it's easy for BP to fix it in CoinOPS. About Mega Man 8, XBMC changes the name of the game when I FTP it, and I can't seem to change the name. I'm quite new with the Xbox stuff, so it might be easy to fix.
  3. I've tested a few PSX games. These are working great so far: Castlevania - Symphony of the Night Mega Man X4 Mega Man X5 Mega Man X6 Mortal Kombat 4 Mortal Kombat Trilogy (sound is a little strange sometimes) Quake II Ridge Racer Revolution Tekken 3 Wipeout 3 (sound is a little strange sometimes) These are not working: Final Doom (Freezes at the "loading..." screen) Mega Man 8 - Anniversary Collectors Edition (the long game name isn't allowed) Star Wars - Dark Forces (Doesn't load. Too bad, this games is fantastic!) Worms Armageddon (Doesn't load)
  4. I agree with the people above! CoinOPS runs most things great, but there are also lots of stuff that probably need to be worked on (N64_MarioTennis64 freeze for one), so let's get GamesROOM ready as soon as possible and do the rest afterwards!
  5. I don't know about A or B, but this is the list of games I really think deserves to be in CoinOPS GamesROOM. Of course this is just my own opinion, but feel free to agree or disagree! GBA: Chu Chu Rocket DK - King of Swing Jazz Jackrabbit Kuru Kuru Kururin Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap Pac-Man Collection GB: Donkey Kong Kirby's Star Stacker Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Ages Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons Metroid II - Return of Samus Super Mario Land Wario Land - Super Mario Land 3 Wario Land II Wizards & Warriors Chapter X - The Fortress of Fear NES: Hudson's Adventure Island 2 Ice Climber Othello Paperboy Track & Filed II Zelda II - The Adventure of Link PSX: Final Doom SMS: Kenseiden SNES: Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy III Mega Drive: Micro Machines II - Turbo Tournament Phantasy Star - The End of The Millenium To me all these games serve a purpose in the collection. While I'm a fan of the Mega Man games, I do think it's strange to have all 6 NES games in there, while leaving out Ice Climber, which we played to death in Europe back in the day, and Zelda II, which may not be close to as good as the first one, but still an amazing classic. Track & Field II - fencing, taekwondo, arm wrestling, need I say more? I thing SNES Final Fantasy II & III and MD Phantasy Star are just as much, if not more classics than Earthbound for example. And I'm not giving up on Donkey Kong GB, as it's one of the best arcade adventure games ever made. Every game collection should have a good port of DOOM, any version of classic board game Othello and every available Zelda, Mario, Wario and Metroid game released for a Nintendo systems. I believe Kirby's Starstacker, Kuru Kuru Kururin and Chu Chu Rocket are extremely fun and addictive puzzle games. Paper Boy for NES is IMO better than the arcade version.
  6. Does anyone know which KI files to get?
  7. Could someone pm a link to the 15 GB showroom pack? I downloaded it before, but removed lots of roms which I now regret, and can't seem to find a working torrent anywhere. Thanks!
  8. I don't expect them all to be that small, but I think the stripping could work wonders on a few games, if you remove intro videos and stuff.
  9. I just tried a stripped version of Ridge Racer for PSX. It's less than 4 MB (!), yet it's working great! Thought BP sent me a corrupt file at first, but obviously it doesn't need to be any larger. This is very promising, as we will probably all be able to store and play lots and lots of PSX games on our boxes as well!
  10. When can we expect a release? I'm so bored of my studies right now and could really use Inferno!
  11. And english isn't even my native language. How flattering!
  12. Actually I don't think you're laughing. Isn't your behavior a big cry out loud? Don't you think you appear as a bit desperate for attention? What are you trying to prove and to whom? You didn't fix MK with sound, did you? If you can help, why don't you do that instead? If you can't help, why don't you do something else? Bitterness is ugly.
  13. This is actually getting amusing. Who needs to see a doctor, the one making an effort which lots of people find interesting, or the one who desperately needs to express how uninteresting he finds the effort to the very same people and author? Pretty clear to me. It's like trying to explain to a laughing crowd how boring the joke was. You only stand out as an arse. Oh lookie... How amusing to read such a courageous but ignorant little twat... Just try to learn what's behind the scene and happened long before you, lamer... It's the natural course of development. If you had invented the wheel, would you be complaining at the people driving around in cars? Yes, you probably would, and I would find that amusing too. Now let's all look forward to BP's fantastic CoinOPS Epic!
  14. This is actually getting amusing. Who needs to see a doctor, the one making an effort which lots of people find interesting, or the one who desperately needs to express how uninteresting he finds the effort to the very same people and author? Pretty clear to me. It's like trying to explain to a laughing crowd how boring the joke was. You only stand out as an arse.
  15. Personally I think the lock is a bad idea, although I can understand why you do it. However, punishment rarely works. I love the console part, and I guess lots of us do. For those who doesn't I don't see why there has to be a lock just because a few annoying persons give you a hard time. Haven't been around for 3 months, so I guess it doesn't make a difference. Still, I think almost everyone appreciate your fantastic work, lock or not, and I see no good reason to have it. Cheers!
  16. Can't wait to try the new build! Looks like you've made an amazing job. My new 200GB Xbox is ready for the release!
  17. Sorry, the question here was just answered in the post above.
  18. ...old roms probably won't... work? If that's the case I don't care about the names. And sorry about the readme. I've spanked myself several times and won't ask obvious questions again.
  19. I think The Legend of Zelda (SNES= should have it's full proper name with the added - A Link To The Past. Actually, IMO all games which have a subtitle would look better in the menu with the added "-". Like: Castlevania - Bloodlines Castlevania - Dracula X Casltevania - Circle Of The Moon Castlevania III - Draculas Curse etc. Ofcourse, these things are not really important and might be a matter of taste. That's why I thought maybe adding an option to rename stuff on your own would be a good idea. Another thing I came to think about is an option to reduce the video screen size in the menu. I played around with the options and thought I found it, but there's no difference from what I could tell. I really love some of the old Game Boy games, but they look terrible on a full 40" widescreen. Just as I prefer to reduce the screen sice when playing them, it would be nice to able to do the same with the videos in the menu.
  20. Cheers! I'm actually biddig on a second xbox with much bigger hd just for this build. I've shown CoinOPS Showroom for a few friends, and they all seem pretty convinced that they need to get an Xbox 1 right away!
  21. This is probably too late, but a suggestion for future releases... Since gb and gbc games use a screen sice which is very different from gba, the user is forced to correct this every time changing between those formats. I think it would be great if you had one screen setting for gb and gbc, and one for gba. Also, if possible, it would be cool if super gameboy colors could be switched on and off for those old gb games. Wouldn't a reset feature in the mame ingame menu be useful? You start a game, get killed instantly, and want to start over. Sometimes killing your remaining lives to get back to the start screen feels like forever. Some original titles with secuels in CoinOPS are named "I". Personally I think that looks strange. Maybe an option to rename the titles in the menu would be useful? Anyway, keep up the great work! Thank you!
  22. If it's not too late to add games, I've got a few more suggestions of great games not yet included. GBA: Chu Chu Rocket Kuru Kuru Kururin Pac-Man Collection (It's got Pac-Man Arrangements included, which is fantastic) Pokemon Pinball - Ruby & Saphire NES: Blades of Steel Ice Climber (The Game that the first NES owners in Sweden got included. A true Classic!) Track & Field II Zelda II - Adventure of Link (I know, it' not arcade, still an amazing classic)
  23. Hand her a ds and a copy of tetris and she wont be bothering you for some time, we're dying for a new release her!
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