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  1. Have you considered including just the videos for those others PSX games? I think that would be a great idea, while we easely can grab the games from somewhere else.
  2. Hi BP! The videos are Alligator Hunt which accidently got Alpha Mission II and Chamelon X which accidently got Chack n Pop Can't wait for Epic!
  3. I don't know if it's the change between R2 and R3 or if I did something differently, but now Descent Maximum is working great. Cheers BP!
  4. Thx jobo But where can i found theses files? The wad files are included in the official pc games which you'll have to find on your own. The pointers could be any file renamed to finaldoom.zip or the name of the game you want to load. I open notepad and use "save as". All this is in the readme file. It's recommended to read it before posting here.
  5. Is Descent 2 the same game as Descent Maximum? I've got Descent Maximum and it loaded in Inferno, but got a black screen before the first level.
  6. Ultimate Doom (Doom 1) doesn't run in Inferno, but will in Epic. Doom 2 and Final Doom TNT & Plutonia work fine in Inferno though. Get the games, put the wad files in the right folders. Create pointers and put them in the roms folder. I've played through half of TNT and the only problem is that sometimes change of weapon doesn't work, usually it does though. BP has fixed this issue in Epic he said!
  7. Discworld PSX is working. Descent PSX is not working.
  8. Let me help you out with the testing and you can focus on Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3!
  9. You might wanna consider adding Mortal Kombat Trilogy PSX and Mortal Kombat 4 PSX to the Epic collection, as we all love Mortal Kombat and they're working great!
  10. As I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong during video converting, I thought I'd remind you about fixing the videos for Aligator hunt Chameleon And the recently added Doom games. Thank you!
  11. This morning the only link that came up using google was to this site. Doom is playing just great! Cheers for that! 2 issues though, even though I have calibrated my screen size, Doom screen is not in the center, but a little bit to the left. Also, changing weapon sometimes work fine, but sometimes it doesn't. Thought it was my controller at first, but now I've tested with 2 different. Does anyone else have this issue? And cheers BP for the great work and all the guidance! You've been a big help to get the most out of CoinOPS! Btw, did you get Star Wars - Dark Forces PSX to work? It's still not loading for me.
  12. Fantastic news! Great console pack as well! Looking forward to this. Btw, did you fix controller in Duck Hunt för NES?
  13. You need CoinOPS Showroom X, the large pack is recommended, about 14 GB. Google is your friend. If the links are too slow you might wanna consider a member ship just to get this release. After that you download CoinOPS Inferno R2 and overwrite everything except roms, videos and screenshots. Stuff like Killer Instinct 1 + 2, PSX and N64 needs to be downloaded separately. Again, Google. Good luck! My advice is do avoid torrents, as I think I got a virus only by visiting a host site. Now I'm updated and protected, and get an AVG warning whenever I accidently go there.
  14. I was thinking about making a gameboy pack with mono, color and advance games. Can I have a list of what you guys are working on and I'll put together a collection of the most interesting, unique and direct nintendo handheld games. Haven't looked into the making of video previews. Could someone help with that, or show me the software + instrucitons?
  15. Yeah, a rom, video and screenshot renaming tool for CoinOPS would be amazing! Another request. Would it be possible to enable 2-player mode on GB, GBC and GBA games?
  16. Although discussed I don't think the lock was implemented. You should go for the latest release, as it is much better than the rest.
  17. Cheers for the new, much faster loading times! Killer Instinct games play like a charm. Great release! Keep up the good work.
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