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  1. Looking at Youtube video of Koudelka, I would agree the parts where you walk around look very Resident Evil, then the fights are RPG style... It looks really good for a PS1 game though, I will for sure check that out. As well as all others recommended!
  2. Thanks! I will look into those games, I had already played Silent Hill and thought it was pretty cool.... Also I thought Resident Evil 2 and 3 were cool too, the pre-rendered backgrounds made them look not so horrible too! lol Anyone else have recommendations?
  3. Hi, I have been recently playing a lot of PS1 games just to see whats out there, as I never had one when they came out. And I have come across a lot of games that MAY have been cool back in the day, but just aren't fun playing them. So my question is, could anyone recommend some games too check out that you believe have stood up against the tests of time?
  4. fumanchu, I sent you a PM, not sure if it went through? Let me know.
  5. Well... you could always go with AtariXLBox, or Z26x.... those being the Atari emulators. or you could play it on NeoGenesis on the game "arcade classics" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcade_Classics Battle Pong, and XPong are both homebrew pong games, Im not a fan of either though. There are lots of ways to get your "pong" on, really
  6. Really? That's good news now I don't have to stress about which version I get!
  7. omg lol.... mario in coinOps looks awesome. Super Mario is one of my fav games.
  8. I have a lightgun, but I got a HD TV and it doesnt work anymore :-/
  9. Well... It depends what you are using it on. Some emulators support keyboard and mouse, some don't. XBMC supports a lot of USB devices... Mouse, Keyboard, USB Thumb Drives, exc. As far as Xbox games... I don't know that any support keyboard or mouse. The PS2 controller thing is probably your best bet if you want a PS controller on the Xbox.
  10. So you dont think there are ANY stand out Sega CD games? Even with the Wii, which is obviously just shoveling out cliche after cliche, they hit once and a while...
  11. That might work... just give it a try. If it doesn't you can always just get a PS2 to Xbox converter and a PS2 controller, thats what I did.
  12. If that's true I really wasted time dl all these sega CD games haha I will check out the ones you listed! If you're going to get Sonic CD, be sure to download the Japanese and Europe/USA ones, and swap the audio tracks. The Japanese one has vastly superior music. Really? Thats weird! Thanks for the tip!
  13. If that's true I really wasted time dl all these sega CD games haha I will check out the ones you listed!
  14. Hey. I am new to Sega CD and don't really know whats good so I thought I would post this topic asking people to list their top 10 favorite Sega CD games. Games that you think everyone playing a Sega CD system/emulator should play.
  15. That was crazy!! I think it was hacked so you don't take as much damage or something
  16. yes, i second that i hope Nes has time to add the option. i never like how it interrupted the background music. I Third that i know i first it but i also 4th it lol. You clearly don't know the first rule of, "Firsty's, Fourthy's" "Ye who post-ith the Firsty, must not post-ith the Fourthy, unless the priviously mentioned, "Ye", would like to forfeit his/her first vote causing his/her Fourthy to then become their Firsty" You should really look into these things!!
  17. Ok Obvious Picks, to get those out of the way; -Super Mario All Stars (with Super Mario World) -Super Mario RPG -Legend of the Seven Stars -Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island -The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past -Final Fantasy Series -Super Metroid -Donkey Kong Country 1-3 -Mega Man X Series -Mortal Kombat Series My Top 10 (Apart From Above Mentioned and Not In Any Particular Order) 1. Harvest Moon 2. Zombies At My Neighbors 3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Turtles In Time 4. Earthbound 5. Secret of Mana 6. E.V.O. The Search For Eden 7. Gradius III 8. Super Buster Bros' 9. Kirby Super Star 10. Super Ghouls and Ghosts 11. Mystical Ninja ( This had to be in my top, I couldn't take anything else out so "11" was born) ---------------------------------------------- Others to consider ---------------------------------------------- -Outlander -Contra III -Tetris Attack -Ghoul Patrol (Sequel to Zombies Ate My Neighbors) -Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure -Ys IV: Mask of The Sun -Mario Paint (Fun To Listen to and Edit The Mario Song + Fly Swatter game is fun!) -Lawnmower Man (3d Flying Part Is Cool) -Virtual Bart -Secret of Evermore -Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Don't laugh, it's actually a well put together beat em up!) -The Simpsons: Barts Nightmare -Castlevania 4 -Sim Ant -Killer Instinct -F-Zero -Legend of Legaia -Pilot Wings -Adams Family Values -B.O.B. (I probably forgot a Few.... SNES was pretty awesome)
  18. yes, i second that i hope Nes has time to add the option. i never like how it interrupted the background music. I Third that
  19. What do you mean, "find a controlled environment"? You mean like a Website for CoinOps or something?
  20. Oh, too bad I didn't stumble upon CoinOps sooner, and these forums, to be included in your group of friends :-/ Well, hopefully you are right and someone will put something new out there. I'll keep an eye peeled.
  21. Will there be a new CoinOps release then? You were saying at Xbox-Scene that you were done with CoinOps because everyone was giving you a hard time about it. If you are releasing a new CoinOps will the release be public??
  22. Hi. I am going to buy a Wii this weekend, with the intent of installing the Homebrew channel. There are all kinds of views on this online about which Wii System works, which don't, exc. I was told only Wii's with serial LU63 and earlier can be modded, is that true? If so I shouldn't buy a brand new Wii?? And does Gamestop update the Wii's they get before they sell them used so that they don't run the homebrew app? Any tips/help would be greatly appriceaited. I don't want to waste money on the wrong thing.
  23. D.O.A. Where is all this stuff you talk about?? Is it in "the usual places" or do you release it or what? It all sounds cool but I don't understand how you actually get it. I have CoinOps Reignite Showcase right now. Are you talking about playing NES and what not on that? or are you talking about a different emulator??
  24. I don't understand the updates. So when you update/add stuff where are you putting it up or releasing it?? also, who makes 1.4ghz 128mb xbox's? I have always been interested in that but I don't have the skillz to do it myself :-/
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