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  1. I also would like to see that, however it was told me in the past the the Xbox can't handle the GBA better than what it is handled today. It's a pity! Specially now when I did sell my NintendoDS. Tip: Double Dragon Advance is one of the games that runs on a full speed on XboyAdvance! Cospefogo. There are a lot of games that run just fine on XboyAdvance ....I haven't found a GBC or GB game that doesn't work either... This is RX's spread sheet, http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=ppB...7qcTw&hl=en I guess it wont be of much use when the Xtra's are released though.
  2. oh.... so I was kind of let down how when you beat the game you can't go back and finish other quests. If you get the DLC does that allow you to also go back and do original story quests or can you only do the new DLC quests?
  3. Hi, I had a question for anyone who knows anything about how exactly Mortal Kombat 2 and 3 were ripped from the Midway Arcade collection. In the root of the folder there is no XBE for MK2 or MK3.... My question is how was this achieved? was it through Hex editing that someone edited an XBE to launch MK2.sr and MK3.sr??? I am asking because I want to know if it is possible to apply the same technique to rip the classic Doom games off of the Doom 3 xbox disk so that they could be launched independently of Doom 3. let me know if anyone knows anything about this!
  4. In the Xtras that are coming out in a few days, I think RX is going to give out his PCSX game saves, which would in essence be what you are asking for...
  5. OpenBOR v3.0 will be done on Xbox when The Dreamcast & Wii ports are finished. Streets of Rage remake is a possibility on Xbox, just not a guarantee at this point in time. Is OPENBor 3.0 confirmed on Xbox?? I hadn't heard anything about it.
  6. I think a Wiki would be great....It would make your job a lot easier BP, because you would get less of the same questions over and over again.
  7. I just finished the game.... I don't have the GOTY version, so I was wondering how this even works?? The way I played my game, my character died at the end, so if I were to buy the DLC how would I even play it if I'm dead? lol
  8. Yeah... Could be a faulty converter. I once had an HDMI cable that gave me a very distorted image and after hours of checking everything else I decided to return the cable for a new one and then everything was fine.
  9. 3DO someone might actually port if the guy over at FreeDO ever stops BSing and releases the source.... he says he is going to then disappears for months on end. I would actually like to see all the EMU's we have updated before any new ones are ported, personally.... DOS, and PS1 in particular.
  10. Yeah when I first played the game I also wandered into that school, I went through the whole building pretty thoroughly and it never froze, so they either fixed it, or the freezes are completely random, which could be the case because when it freezes for me, I can start again, go back and it doesn't freeze in the same spot again.... I have played the game about 20 hours so far and only had the reset thing happen twice and I have had the whole game freeze 3 times.
  11. Oh, I wasn't asking for English only 2D games or anything.... Were there other 2D games never released in English for PS2?? Ones that are playable not knowing Japanese that is
  12. Thanks! I never even heard of these! I added to the list
  13. SO I have realized that on older systems 2D games stand up great over time, and started collecting PS1 and PS2 2D games, as well as variations of 2D... like 3D with 2D plane and what not... here is a list I found and I was wondering if there were any games in 2D (or any variation of 2D) that were left off. Pure 2D Activision Classic Games Adventures of Lomax, The All-Star Slammin' D-Ball Alundra Arc the Lad Collection Arcade Party Pak Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 2 Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Midway Collection Arcade's Greatest Hits: Williams Asteroids (classic mode) Atari Anniversary Edition Redux Baldies Battle Hunter Beyond the Beyond Blades of Blood: Samurai Shodown III Blazing Dragons Bomberman Party Edition Breath of Fire III Breath of Fire IV Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena Bubble Bobble Also Featuring Rainbow Islands Builder's Block Bust-a-Move 2: Arcade Edition Bust-a-Move 4 Bust-a-Move '99 Buster Bros. Collection Castlevania Chronicles Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Centipede (classic mode) Cleopatra's Fortune Command & Conquer Command & Conquer: Red Alert Command & Conquer: Red Alert Retaliation Crossroad Crisis Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Mix DarkStalkers DarkStalkers 3: Jedah's Damnation Digimon World 3 Discworld II: Mortality Bytes! Discworld, Terry Pratchet's Disney's Hercules Dragon Tales: Dragon Seek Final Fantasy Anthology Final Fantasy Chronicles Final Fantasy Origins Final Fantasy Tactics Gekioh: Shooting King Gex Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto 2 Grand Theft Auto Expansion Pack #1: London 1969 Guilty Gear Heart of Darkness Hello Kitty's Cube Frenzy Herc's Adventures In The Hunt Intellivision Classic Games Jigsaw Madness JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Kartia: The Word of Fate King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters '99, The: Millenium Battle Konami Arcade Classics Legend of Mana Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings Loaded Lode Runner: The Legend Returns Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Machine Hunter Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Marvel vs. Capcom Master of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia Mega Man 8 Mega Man X4 Mega Man X5 Mega Man X6 Metal Slug X Mobile Light Force Mortal Kombat 3 Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat Trilogy Mr. Driller Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness (classic mode) Namco Museum Volume 1 Namco Museum Volume 2 Namco Museum Volume 3 Namco Museum Volume 4 Namco Museum Volume 5 Next Tetris, The Norse by Norsewest Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus Oddworld: Abe's Oddyssey Ogre Battle Limited Edition One Piece Mansion Pac-Man World (classic mode) Persona Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Philosoma Pifall 3D (classic mode) Pinobee Pocket Fighter Point Blank Point Blank 2 Point Blank 3 Pong: The Next Level (classic mode) Punky Skunk Puzznic Q*Bert (classic mode) Qix Neo Raiden Project, The Rampage 2: Universal Tour Rampage Through Time Rampage: World Tour Rayman Rayman Brain Games Re-Loaded Revolution X Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI: Awakening of the Dragon RPG Maker R-Types SaGa Frontier SaGa Frontier 2 Saiyuki: Journey West Sheep Shooter: Space Shot Silhouette Mirage Skeleton Warriors Skullmonkeys Sol Divide Sorcerer's Maze Space Invaders (classic mode) Street Fighter Alpha Street Fighter Alpha 2 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Street Fighter Collection Street Fighter Collection 2 Street Fighter: The Movie Strider 2 Strikers 1945 Suikoden Suikoden II Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Tactics Ogre Tales of Destiny Tales of Destiny 2 Tarzan, Walt Disney Pictures Presents Tetris Plus Three Stooges, The Tomba! Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return Torneko: The Last Hope Turnabout Valkyrie Profile Vandal Hearts Vandal Hearts II Viewpoint Wild Arms Winnie the Pooh Kindergarten Winnie the Pooh Preschool Worms Worms Armageddon Worms World Party Xevious 3D/G+ (Xevious, Super Xevious and Xevious Arrangement) X-Men vs. Street Fighter X-Men: Children of the Atom 2D Sprites on 3D Backgrounds: Azure Dreams Dragon Warrior VII Eternal Eyes Grandia Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth Star Ocean: The Second Story Thousand Arms Xenogears 3D Graphics on 2D plane Dance Dance Revolution Dance Dance Revolution Konamix Einhänder G Darius Johhny Bazookatone Klonoa: Door To Phantomile Pandemonium! Pandemonium! 2 Parappa the Rapper R-Type Delta RayCrisis: Series Termination RayStorm Space Invaders Tekken Thunder Force V: Perfect System Um Jammer Lammy Wild 9 If there are some games not on this list that should be please let me know!!! OR If there are games on the list in the wrong place, or that shouldn't be on the list at all, let me know
  14. With how old those posts are, I'm guessing it has been patched about as much as its going to be by this point. It's a good thing the game auto saves every time you go in and out of doors, sleep, wait, exc... otherwise this issue could be way worse than it already is... I wonder if Oblivion has the same issue??
  15. Has anyone had an issue with Fallout 3 just freezing, and returning you to the X media bar? I will be playing and then bam! This doesn't happen with any other games, just Fallout.
  16. CBA, is the GUI you are making going to be within XBMC or are you working on a new dashboard alltogether?? About the whole BP thing, the way I have seen it (and I have only been around for a little bit)... even if he isn't easy to get along with, he is updating something, which keeps people in the scene..... just like T3ch updates XBMC and keeps people around and other people update there EMU's, Games and APPs... I would deal with 100 people who aren't really the coolest to get along with, as long as they kept people interested in the Xbox. That being said.... 2 years!!! You all should really shake hands and start working together... the scene would be a lot better, rather than being BP's crowd Vs. CBA's crowd (assuming you are the leader of the crowd lol) I'm just saying, at a certain point WARS have stopped in sooner than 2 years. Enough is enough, you know? and BP why don't you just prove them all wrong, open up to people, and stop fueling the fire?? If you do something amazing, the work will speak for itself.
  17. Unless you are into moe games or stuffs that are bordering to hentai, i think you are better off with a US or an EU account. Or unless you are planning to invest in Japanese games. If a game was good enough I might want to pick it up... Are there things on the EU PSN that aren't on the US PSN?
  18. yeah, I think there are more Metal Slugs for arcade than were ported to the Xbox too, so that's a plus.
  19. one cool thing about having the PSX versions is can actually lose, whereas with the Arcade versions you can just keep adding credits If you just have them for Player Vs. Player and you don't play the computer I would just stick with the NEOGEO roms
  20. Thanks!! I fixed those typos and added the games you suggested to the list..... I figured that way it would be a good archive, if I add peoples additions to the main list... just in case someone else is looking for 2D on PS2 as well. 3D on a 2D plane is cool too, are there anymore like that you would recommend? I made a separate list for that.
  21. This is a list of 2D games for the PS2 that I have come across so far, I am a big fan of the genre and was wondering if there are more out there. 2D -Metal Slug Anthology, -Sega Genesis Collection, -Mega Man Anniversary Mega Man X Collection, -Capcom ****cs Vol.1 And 2, -Gradius V, -Castle Shikigami, -Disgaea, -Disgaea 2, -La Pucelle Tactics, -King Of Fighters XI, -Capcom Vs Snk, -Samurai Showdown, -Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, -Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, -Alien Hominid, -Odin Sphere, -Atari Collection, -Midway Arcade Treasures Collections, -Sega Collection, -Odin Sphere, -Grimgrimore, -Atelier Iris 1-3, -Makai Kingdom, -Phantom Brave -Ar Tonelico -NeoGeo Battle Coliseum -Ar Tonelico II -Mana-Khemia -Mana-Khemia 2 -Soul Nomad & The World Eaters -Stella Deus -King of Fighters Games -Ibara -Espgaluda -Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou -Mushihimesama 3D on 2D Plane -Contra: Shattered Soldier -Viewtiful Joe -Red Star -Klonoa 2 Are there any 2D titles out there to add to this list? If so list them so I can add to the list, that was others interested in the same thing can get the list in the first post.
  22. Yeah, I guess I should explain it more. I am wondering if there are any Japanese exclusive Demo's/Free content that anyone would recommend??
  23. So I signed up for a Japanese PSN account. . and not knowing Japanese or what the Japanese names are for American/euro games I was wondering if anyone would recommend any Demo's or other free stuff from the Japanese PSN store that is not available elsewhere?? let me know!
  24. Is there a showcase version for the latest build floating around??
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