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  1. No problem guys I had fun making them, I was going to make wooden skins for all the systems but there is a serious lack of interest, my Mega Upload tells me its only been downloaded 10 times, so I'm not sure I want to spend hours making skins for 10 people.
  2. This is a skin I made for PokemonMiniX (Madmab Edition). Screen Shots Preview Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyffNiVrs4M DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8LN38KA4 I also added the English version of the Pokemon song, the stock skin didn't have that. enjoy
  3. These are 2 skins I made for XboyAdvance (Madmab Edition). They both have animated loading screens, as well as custom music. NOTE I don't have a standard def TV so these were made and tested on my 720P HD TV. I'm not sure how they look on a standard def. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first one, "Stone SP" I have a video preview for this one, not the other though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMjaNkw0nbk DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6N62HY9R The second one, "Wooden GBA" DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P6WMW1TP ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy
  4. Are these all games that are released after cancellation, as in available to download somewhere? or are they just games that were canceled in general? If its just games that were canceled I think the Xbox wiki has a list of all canceled projects.
  5. People are coding for the Wii because its new, and relevant. The Xbox is old news, and its not a challenge to coders out there because all the hard work is done. If someone were to port (just for example, I know it wouldnt run well at all) a PS2 emulator to Wii, and another to the Original Xbox, the Wii would get more hype I think, because more people have Wii's and more importantly, have Wii's as their main system. GBA on Xbox runs pretty bad in some cases though, its nowhere near 100%... that might be because of technical limitations, or the lack of support after the original port... im not sure. Anything is possible though.... maybe the Xtra's project will bring some light to the Xbox scene, more importantly the Emulators all getting updated on a mass scale, with mostly ALL of them getting a update..... before Madmab came along, the only emu's that wasn't abandoned was MAME and Final Burn. I have read a lot of comments about people "dusting off their boxes" now that the new emus are out.... maybe one of those people dusting them off will be a programmer heres hoping.
  6. That is actually not a bad idea, for arcade cab owners. FTP and some kind of file browser where you can move/delete things.
  7. Is there a tutorial on how to get them working on Xbox? I remember I tried a while back and couldnt figure it out... just like MUGEN I could never figure out, I could add characters, but the game would just crash randomly and the selection screen was F-ed Also, how many Openbor packs work on Xbox? Do all of them work?
  8. Thats what I'm saying lol.... I never even knew about those splatterhouse games.... I have all the Homebrew off of Xbins and its 95 games.... so this guy has 5 games I didn't know about
  9. Someone should make a torrent of that collection, I've never seen any complete collection torrents. There are a few games on there not on Xbins.... anyone know where to get them? Like Splatterhouse 1-3 for 1.
  10. Hey, I was just wondering, is there anyway to set up video previews for Xbox games? Or even screenshots for that matter in XBMC?
  11. RX, the reason your stars are low is because anyone who doesn't like you prob voted 1 star... I voted it 5, but that only pushed it to 3.
  12. If I ever owned a store of any kind I would do this, and have a different arcade game every day! I don't know why people don't do that.
  13. I always thought you needed a router to transfer files, that's how I have always done it... but I guess the Xbox does have the FTP client so it should be possible.
  14. People say they will "ass" a lot of things, it doesn't mean they do
  15. I don't think not having sound is that big of a deal with MK... if everyone else is like me, you should be able to hear those sounds even if they aren't there on account of them being burned into your long term memory from countless hours at the arcades back in the day lol
  16. You should PM nes6502, he might not be actively reading threads.
  17. So with Romcenter, will it get rid of the roms that FBL doesnt use? or does it just tell you which ones it uses? yes, it will delete the ones not needed(i think depending on the setting). be sure to back-up your set before using romcenter. also, be sure that you have the latest neogeo bios too. i was able to get all but 5 roms fixed. you will have to do a manual repair on many roms... in romcenter, lots o fun. What do you mean by a manual repair?
  18. You could always play this game in a NES emu if it doesnt work in MAME/CoinOPS ... I think it looks pretty much like the arcade version on the NES, the arcade version is a little brighter and the music is a bit different on the NES version too (same melody but sounds different) NES MAME http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzjYL6yTYsU
  19. With arcade games that is supposed to be the fun of it... when you went to the arcades back in the day there were no save features For kids I would recommend SNES, Genesis/Megadrive, TG-16, and NES emulators ... all have save states and all have games every kid MUST play in order to grow up correctly haha
  20. So with Romcenter, will it get rid of the roms that FBL doesnt use? or does it just tell you which ones it uses?
  21. So its just a list of games, not a certain set? Or would this method tell me what set to use?
  22. Can someone tell me, which set of roms this runs? I want to get a complete set of everything that runs on this EMU but Im not sure exactly what all runs because it says its a port of Final Burn Alpha 2.99.07 to the Xbox and that It also includes parts of FBA-XXX Pro 1.29. I didn't see anything in the file that had info on all the games that run....
  23. You should really take that with a huge grain of salt. Sony has poured tremendous amount of resources and into Home, so they aren't just going to pull the plug all the sudden. The date in itself is suspicious already. Yeah, maybe they will make something similar with what they learned from Home.
  24. IIRC, some people at Sony has confirmed that the software emulation they use is their own doing. This was a while ago, so I can't give you any sources. Anyway, I don't really understand why would one get so riled up over missing trophy support in PSX games. It's a known fact that Sony primarily focuses on the PS3, and they certainly don't start offering extra features in their emulated old games that weren't present in the original releases unless these games are completely redesigned for the PS3. I'm not riled up, I just think its silly for people to buy games for $6-10 that are 12 years old and have no added features or support. When PC games are that old in a lot of cases they become freeware... Even Rockstar has the original GTA games for free on their site (which is probably why they wont pop up on PSN). I guess it would be too much work for them to add trophy support, but they could at least lower the price on those games by half.... Any good games that people would want to buy are $10, and you get no disk, so if in the future Sony creates the PS4 and decides the old PSN store is no good and they trash it then you are just out the money. April 1st PlayStation Home is shutting down its servers (Unless that's Sony's idea of an April fools joke), a lot of people spent money on Home content and that's gone...
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