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  1. If you don't like what BP has to say why even read his threads? Its not like anyone is forcing you to read his posts. This board also has an ignore feature. If someone bothers you that much, you should probably use this feature and you wont have to worry about it. Threads like this don't help accomplish much of anything.
  2. I hope you follow through on releasing the source as per the license. Just like nes6502 I mentioned in the previous post, you have an obligation.
  3. Sick to death of your usual ranting, bullshit & general spewing of crap. Remember what nes6502 said of you when you took his FB code without his consent...cancer on the XB scene... Nes6502 didn't write FBA. He took someone else's code and modified/added to it. If nes6502 doesn't want people using his code maybe he shouldn't use other peoples code. The purpose of Open Source projects is that anyone can take that code, build upon it and do whatever they wish. Open Source is not taking work others have done, you contribute a little then act like the project is all yours and no one is allowed to use that code. That's not how it works.
  4. You could also transfer stuff to your XBox with a USB stick provided the USB stick is 4GB or smaller (due to Xbox bios limitations). You would need a version of XBMC or UnleashX on your Xbox that has been released within the last 4 or so years so it can read the USB stick and you would need an XBox USB adapter (found on ebay for around $5 including shipping) so you could plug in your USB sick.
  5. YES as asked many times 720p is the highest coinops goes...pretty easy to add 1080i but I wont due to issues it will cause for full support... ill look at that keymap and add fixes if you have showcase 2 dont release it as it has alot of stuff that people dont like....I take it you have the 3000 game build with diff gui? Sorry BP I misspoke. I dont have showcase 2. I have showcase R2. I guess I assumed R2 was showcase 2
  6. Ive got CoinOPS Showcase 2 so Im not sure if this has been suggested/fixed in recent stand alone versions of CoinOPS but Missile command controls seem to be wrong. I would think missiles fired from the left should be mapped to the X button, missles fired from the middle should be mapped to A and missles fired from the right should be mapped to B. Just a suggestion.
  7. If you are going the SATA/adapter route I would recommend staying away from the 2TB Hitachi drives. I tried one in a couple of different XBoxs and kept getting an error 9. I have since read other people have had problems with trying to get the Hitachi drives to work.
  8. I dont think you will see a new MAME with updated core on Xbox. The problem as been pointed about before is the newer cores are more resource intensive and the Xbox is already at its limit now. As far as suggesting taking an open source software like MAME and releasing a modified version as closed source because you want to keep the improvements to yourself or you dont want anyone using your code, you are nothing but a leecher. The whole purpose of open source is having software that anybody can use, create, modify, build upon and do whatever with. If you dont agree with the principals of open source software then dont use it. Create your own from scratch and do with it what you wish. You may have put many hours in to your creation but that is only a fraction overall of what others have done. The reason there is so much done on the Xbox is because most of that software has been open source that could be picked up, modified, added to and improved by anybody. Had everyone said lets make this closed source, you wouldnt have half of what you do on the Xbox. If you want to know what really kills the scene, its leechers that want to use someone elses software but dont want to share what they have contributed even when the stipulation from the very beginning is if they use the open source software they have to release their code so others can use it for their project.
  9. I already have all the other games up to Coinops 2nd quarter. Were there any games in this release that were not in there previously?
  10. I was trying to send a PM so I could get the link but I keep getting a message saying Im not allowed to send PMs
  11. First you will need to download an emulator icon pack that contains the images of all the various systems. Once you have the icon pack you will need to get those images over to your xbox by either FTPing them, burning a DVD of them for the xbox or using a USB thumb drive (which may or may not be supported by your version of UnleashX.) Take the picture from each system and put it in the emulator folder where it belongs. Once the picture is in the emulator folder rename that picture "default.tbn" without the quotes.
  12. Since the emulators are already on your XBox, click the white button on your gamepad and rename xbe title.
  13. FreeDO used to be open source at one point in time. If someone really had wanted to make an XBox port I think they could have gotten the source code to do it. I dont think there has been anybody that has wanted to undertake this however. The biggest problem right now as it has been in the past is FreeDO is not optimized enough to where it could run on the XBox. Maybe with FreeDO being open source again the code can be made much more efficient to where it could eventually run on the XBox.
  14. From the Great Xbox Emulation Answer Thread at Xbox-Scene: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=386399 Adamx - v3 [13-Nov-07] Arnoldx - v3 [13-Nov-07] Atari7800X - v4 [13-Nov-07] Atarixlbox - v6 [13-Nov-07] BenderMameOX HSFII Edition 23.12.2006 Blissx - v6 [13-Nov-07] Bluemsxbox - v2 [13-Nov-07] Chip8x - v2 Classic99x - v2 [13-Nov-07] CPX3 - v1a [26-Aug-07] Daphnex - v0.96 DidntXSpectrum - v2 [13-Nov-07] Dosbox - v13 [13-Nov-07] FBA XXX - 28/01/2007 (Pro is based on this version) FBA XXX Pro - v1.28 [10-Feb-07] Fce Ultra - v17 [13-Nov-07] FuseX - v0.6 [12-Aug-07] Hugox - v10 Kegsx - v4 [13-Nov-07] KI-XXX - v1.0 Lynxbox - v1 MAMEoX128 Plus! - v20060505 Mednafenx-lynx - v3 [13-Nov-07] Mednafenx-nes - v9 [13-Nov-07] Mednafenx-pce -v3 [13-Nov-07] MekaX - v2 [13-Nov-07] NeoCDSDLx Unleashed - (no version #; based on NeoCDSDLx v1.01 by Lantus ) Neogenesis - v22 [13-Nov-07] Neopopx - v5 [13-Nov-07] Odysseyx - v2 [13-Nov-07] Pcsxbox - v19 [13-Nov-07] PokemonMiniX - v2 [13-Nov-07] Sc3X - v005 ScummVM Beta (0.11.0svn) [24-Dec-07] Scummvmx - v0.80 WIP snes9xbox - v1 [13-Nov-07] SoftVMU-X - v2 [13-Nov-07] SpeXtrum - v03 beta SupervisionX - v3 [13-Nov-07] Surreal64 - Surreal64 XXX Beta 5 [16-Dec-07] Vice20x - v5 [13-Nov-07] Vice64x - v8 [13-Nov-07] Vicepetx - v4 [13-Nov-07] VirtualBoyX - v2 [13-Nov-07] Winstonx - v8 [13-Nov-07] WinUAEx - v17 [13-Nov-07] Wonderswanx - v4 [13-Nov-07] x68000x - v4 [13-Nov-07] Xboyadvance - v21 [13-Nov-07] Xenesis - v0.97bBeta Xmac - v0.2 Xsnes9x - v1.42 17june2004 XSupervision - v0.1 Xthom - v0.3 XVBoy - v0.3 Xvectrex - Beta 0.1 Xzx81 - v0.2 Z26 - v6 [13-Nov-07] Zsnexbox - v3.3 [10-Jun-07] I also want to point out that three of Xports emulators have been updated by other people which arent included in this list. These are: NeoGenesis v22 UMKT, Mednafenx-nesV9 (Fixed) and Atarixlbox - v7
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