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  1. If they could, they would have already done it by now. The problem is they can't because Dolphin is 100% open source, coded by Ector, F1RES, and programmers around the world. That is why emulators are legal and commercial roms are not. Emulators that do not bypass encryptions, drm, etc. are legal. Unless the hardware that the emulator is... erm... emulating is obsolete, then iirc, there's an exception to the dcmca. This is all US though. Not terribly applicable to other places.
  2. Quite excited, but I think i'll wait a few days to go see it. I hate those horribly crowded opening showings. Star Wars Ep. 1 Midnight showing... ffs.
  3. l dont quite get what you are asking there as kenshiro and iq132 are the guys who do all the great stuff on this emu. Don't blame me for this!
  4. Agreed. Seriously Quite possibly some of the most crap-tacular filler since the don kanonji crap in bleach...
  5. Yeah. I figured if I was going to be a filthy pirate, I might as well go for the gold.
  6. Very nice. I totally dig the artwork on both of those. Love to have me a tmnt machine someday (not as much as a Ms. Pacman machine though. ^^)
  7. I wouldn't go that far. Bootlegs on the Neo-geo are known to be extremely buggy (even more so than standard Neo-Geo carts [which often were ]).
  8. I use AVG pro atm, (the eye-patch version ). Honestly, I pretty much hate it. It's a pain in the dick to configure, pain in the dick to get it do what you want, it's slow, it locks up my pc for several seconds when I open a certain folder on my desktop, and bitches about packed exe's. :S I'm looking for something different, light weight, fast, full-featured, easily config'd, and catches pretty much everything. It's still better than Symantec Corp. that I was using for a long time. That would spawn half a dozen sub-apps eating up tons of resources. :S
  9. Recently I decided to check and see how my hdd space I was using: Hmm.. this doesn't seem right. So after a little investigating, I came upon this: I decided to see what would happen if I deleted system restore and shadow copies... Great! What do i need more than 1 restore point for? So I checked back... and wtf? 23gb for f*cking shadow copies?
  10. I'd very much like to see one of these dumped. I'm curious how all of that bank switching is achieved and if there is any sort of protection on any of the games. ^^
  11. OOh! a hello kitty theme! http://demo.nicetheme.com/index.htm?theme_id=133882 lmao.
  12. Only when I'm completely drunk. It's an excellent combo buzz.
  13. I've heard there's been a weed shortage in France. I'm sure he's out investigating. lol
  14. http://www.barryharris.me.uk/article_view.php?id=135 Thanks to JacKc for the news.
  15. You guys are nuts. Purple, green, spotted, orange, whatever, a hot female is a hot female. Anyway, been a while since I posted one (i've managed to put on a bunch of weight since the last one. )
  16. Yaaay! Too flocking bad this flocking option can't flocking be flocking added to the flocking control flockity-flock panel.
  17. Cycle-per-cycle, the PowerPC would destroy the original xbox's crippled Celeron processor. Errrt! Try again! MAME relies solely on CPU. The Gamecube PPC spanks the crap out of that gimped Celeron, it was limited in every other way though. And MAME isn't solely dependent on CPU. You need a decent amount of RAM to work with for caching ROMs and program code (64MB is VERY limiting here when you look at some of the 90s titles), and a GPU with very little VRAM allows for poor scaling and effects performance (Read some of the documentation on MAMEDEV regarding this). I pointed that out. ^^ Having flash memory is much better than a hdd though. It has much better seek times which is what you need for a decent vmm. Mame on non-windows systems will blit to any drawing surface they can. Ports to other systems, such as cell-phones, don't require a video card at all -- just something to moves the drawn bitmap into the framebuffer that is displayed on screen. So yes, on pc hardware, it requires that your video card isn't complete trash at moving a drawing surface to the actual framebuffer -- not that mame is taking advantage in any real/significant way of the video card itself (unless you count the stretching that dx does -- which muddles the screen and is mostly garbage). Stretching can be achieved by hooking a monitor up at the proper res/freq's to actually display the output.
  18. Cycle-per-cycle, the PowerPC would destroy the original xbox's crippled Celeron processor. Errrt! Try again! MAME relies solely on CPU. I'm not entirely sure the 24mb of "internal" sram is usable by the cpu. The 3mb embedded surely is not. So you're looking at 64 or 88mb of usable ram. That isn't horrible though, as the wii has flash memory, which is very good for the purpose of a vmm (virtual memory manager). Very fast Seek rates. ^^ All-in all, the wii has a great deal more potential than the original xbox -- however, potential doesn't always mean actual.
  19. That's odd. Which key did you use? The first one for 32-bit Check your date/time. Mine randomly set itself to 2010 for some reason. Mine is doing that also, Should I re-install it again and try a different key? A clean format + install (not update) has solved every issue I was having from my first install (update from vista 64 ultimate).
  20. That's odd. Which key did you use? The first one for 32-bit Check your date/time. Mine randomly set itself to 2010 for some reason.
  21. Do you have your fba_xxx... sources in "e:\tests program\fba_xxx_pro_1.29a\" or another directory? If it isn't that one, you'll have to do a search/replace in the project file with the directory it is in.
  22. I have 4gb of ram... it really isn't that big of a deal for me. ^^
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