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  1. Why bother with any of the 3D games. If you get them to load you will be getting 1fps anyways.
  2. I think you can play it on a Turbo Duo Emu as well Isn't it called Fighting Street? http://www.vgmuseum.com/end/td/a/fight.htm
  3. Here you go. This set works fine with Mame Dump version of fba-xxx
  4. Well just so you know I got a 3ghz P4 and a Geforce FX 5900 oc to 547/970 and it is not enough for high quality settings at 1024x768 Medium quality settings perhaps... and this is not using AA/AF
  5. Even if the rom is out which probably is. You would need the xors and Razoola will not release them. Maybe in 2 years he will.
  6. MSH VS SF cheats for Kawaks and Nebula I posted the cheat file there. You might want to right click the link and choose "save as"
  7. sammaz check Vegeta's screen shot. Make sure your roms match those and that the rom name is kof2k3.zip It should work with the latest fba-xxx using the default.xbe Now Rage of the dragons works fine using the Mame Dump version I use this set
  8. Oh I finally got it working on the latest version. The problem is that I was only trying the Mame Dump version since that version plays all my other roms perfect. ...and the Mame Dump version does not recognize kof2k3 as a valid rom name. However default.xbe does and it plays the rom just fine.
  9. also http://alt.binaries.nl/ Is pretty acurate for searching newsgroups
  10. Patches are good. I used patches to get all my current Mame roms working with FBA-XXX Also I used newsgroups to grab most of my Neo Geo Roms. alt.binaries.emulators.mame alt.binaries.emulators.misc alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo alt.binaries.emulators.arcade are really good for finding roms. Personally I think Usenet is the way to go for sharing roms. Of course maybe not many of you are familiar with Usenet but if you are wondering Usenet has it all. Movies, MP3s, Porn, Applications, Roms etc....
  11. Thx I got that set working Vegeta. My problem was that I wa susing the Mame Dump version all the time since that one plays all my other roms. However that version does not recognize kof2k3.zip as a valid rom name. Loaded default.xbe and kof2k3.zip works fine. Thanks for the info.
  12. Tested FTP ftp working download speed 5-6kb/s Oh yeah I got Kof2003 working. You were right the files were correct and the name of the rom should be kof2k3.zip I was using the Mame Dump version though and that is why it would not even show up in the list. It works fine with the default.xbe Cool thx. I got all the roms I have working fine under fba-xxx now Oh yeah why don't we use newsgroups for sharing roms for the Xbox emulators? Newsgroups are fast with upload and download usually. Ftps are limited with bandwidth always. My max upload is 59KB/s and yet my download can get to 800KB/s that is 6.28Mbit/s 1 kilobytes = 0.0078125 megabits
  13. Vegeta what would the name of the rom be though? kof2k3.zip is not a valid name. It does not recognize it. Also I renamed it to kof2003.zip and it gave me a bunch of errors complaining about the size of the roms and it seems to have hanged there. Are you using a spacial verion of the emulator? Cause I'm using the latest official version and it sure does not load that rom.
  14. I thought crc checking was disabled? Anyways did you use the romcenter dat to confirm that your sets are ok. I don't remember seeing kof2k3.zip as a valid name.
  15. BIGWORM check pm. I need the info of the rom you are using for Kof2003. crcs, file names, bios info too. I just could not get kof2003 working on the last 2 fba-xxx releases even though the romcenter dat says I have all the crc's ok.
  16. Yeah I don't think Kof2003 works on the current release of fba-xxx Does anyone have a working link to the Fbax version that plays Kof2003. V3 I think it is, it has the crc check disabled All the links I have seen are dead. There was a geocities page that had it but the daily bandwidth limit had been reached.
  17. Ok I have this sets Kof2003, Kof2003b and Kof2003ba All of them with the crcs Fba-xxx wants. I used the Romcenter dat file created with the latest Fba-xxx However after it finishes loading the roms the emu seems to crash. Nothing happens and I have to reset the Xbox. So has anyone actually played Kof2003 under the latest version of Fba-xxx? If yes. What's the name of your rom? What crcs are you using? This is the only game that should play according to the crcs but does not play. All the others seem to play fine.
  18. How do you know which file doesn't like. I have this 3 sets with the perfect crcs as reported by the Romcenter dat created with the Mame Dump xbe Kof2003 Kof2003b Kof2003ba I have all those sets with the perfect crcs none of those 3 actually play though. It loads the roms. Never gives any errors and then the emulator crashes. It just sits there and does nothing so I have reset the Xbox. I can only think no KOF2003 works for now. Unless someone actually got it working. Any other game I can get to work no problem except for KOF2003
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