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  1. Pro Evolution 2 is an USA version of Winning Eleven
  2. - When I win in Winning Eleven by less than 3 goals margin? you should be ashamed, just by three goals, you should try winning for at lest 5 goals margin, anyway i hate that game, i am still waiting for the perfect football game That's why I feel pissed off, because I'm one of the greatest Winning Eleven player in the world (I'm not exagerating)
  3. Nice game, is great because you can play a funny game while you download heavy files.
  4. JAJAJAJA, I'll try it on my girlfriend
  5. I checked it, and there's nothing wrong with it. What happened???
  6. KOF saga is great but I think that 98 is the best. I don't like 99 - 2002
  7. 1. King of Fighters 98 2. Art of Fighting 3. Baseball Stars 2 4. Super Sidekicks 5. Soccer Brawl
  8. now that I taught you how to use DC++, download mr do with it
  9. I downloaded an msx emulator and I have no idea how to get it work
  10. - I cannot find Prehistoric Isle 2 for NeoRageX - When I win in Winning Eleven by less than 3 goals margin - When someone beats me in Xmen vs Street Fighter - When my marks at University are less than 4 - When someone thinks that Shaquille O'Neal is a great player
  11. hey, emugateway is down, but if you enter, for example: Link not allowed - Diso the page actually exists and you can browse the site perfectly, and the roms links are ok!!!
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