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  1. is there a great risk in modifying the PS2....if so i'll rather the swap magic...if not its easier to modify the game in my country...besides does the swap magic work with the 79001? Advise me!
  2. So....there is no way in which i can use a burnt disc without modding the PS2?
  3. I am trying to use an ISO that i downloaded and burnt unto a -DVD..but it is not even recognising it....i am not a PS2 fan....so i am kinda stuck...help me i dont know what i'm doing Console:SCPH- 79001 Swap magic 3.6 Colour: silver slim
  4. I just end some unimportant processes in the task manager
  5. http://www.unlocknokia.us those guys can unlock any type of nokia for FREEE
  6. hi guys, i am not into ps2 emulation too much but i have been wondering what is the best emulator to play mortal kombat deception on dvd
  7. ok the d3d one stops the emu from crashin but it is not loadin the game....
  8. ok so now that i changed that plugin i am getting nothing it just crashin. got any suggestions
  9. i am tryin to run tekken 3 plus for ps1 using epsxe v1.6 on a 64mb geforce 4x graphics card with an pete opengl plugin, and anytime i try to run it i get the message "no wgl extension" Any suggestion guys, i am new to psx emulation!
  10. Candy! Games! Food! Drinks! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!
  11. PM me with a link where to get it, maybe it'll work I am out of options Man
  12. Hotaru, I dont know much about Neoragex too, but i think bin files are not recognized in the emulator
  13. In my emulator there is no designated space for samsho5. I know that sometimes its at the bottom but now its not there. The last time i tried to use samsho 5 it was at the bottom, but that was a romset i lost with the formatting of my hard drive
  14. This is all the files in the zip file i downloaded. I dont understand what you are telling me to look for james, but the game is not importing in the ecgc version(HappyASR) of neoragex. Help
  15. This is the romset i am trying to use to run samsho in neoragex, but the game is not importing. What files am i missing from the romset
  16. Hey guys, lead me to the new dumps where i can find the samuari showdown 5 for neoragex ecgc version thanks my computer was busted for a while and i lost everything(games) help!
  17. Yes i did, but there are no codes that will readily unlock those parts. They have for part 1 & 2, they went on to say that you need to finish the underground mode. Thats the most luck i have had....hehehe....will keep trying or sumthin. Thanks RAJA
  18. I want to unlock the level 3 and U performance parts and visual parts in NFSU i got the codes for level 1 and 2 but these codes are needed plz. Thanks .::indelible_indian::.
  19. i got some which are working by me. i cant say for you google for them
  20. Please do tell me if i could be part of the world ruling process ok!
  21. I would like to see atomiswave emulated mainly for metal slug 6 and rumble fish. hehe. Oh well there goes everything (strangles emsley) hehe
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