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  1. i didnt know i just thought that we was talkin bout this so i asked. din mean to be a bother. will know better next time. I am gonna read them' rules. Sorry
  2. I could look for it but i am kinda lazy. Do you have a direct link for the rom
  3. Hey guys this is the keypress for the metal slug ring tone>>>the composer 4888, 1, 6#, 2#, (hold 2)99*#, 288, 2#, 2, 1, 6**#, 2*, (hold 1)9, 48**, (hold 4)999, 5888#, 2#, 1*#, 4**#, (hold 4)99*#, 488*, 4**#, 4, 2#, 1#, 4, 29#, 2, 2#, 599#, 588**#, 5#, 6#, (hold 7)9, 688#, 5#, 699#, 2#, (hold 6), 588#, 4#, 599#, 1#, (hold 5)#, 488#, 3, 199#, 2#, 3, 299# hahhah
  4. I understand that there is a good pool game that runs on the snes emulator. i know not much of this type of emulation can y'all give the 411 on this pool game, like what emulator and rom needed for this. Links to get these would be appreciated OS : win XP Graphics card: Nvidia GE force 4X Thanks
  5. Hey you guys i have been searching and i cant seem to find any free 8 ball pool games all are trials or you have to pay or something. if y'al l know any links that could help me. I would be most gracious Thanks
  6. Ok james. Is there another way cuz the problem persists and when delete the certain files it keeps coming back man. Any suggestions Thanks
  7. OK. some of the faqs said that to play the game and finish it to unlock the special characters, but when i played it, the characters were not there. if anyone here went through this phase and can help here, it would be appreciated much Thanks:D
  8. THanks man>>>>> It really worked
  9. I am trying to run tekken 2 on mame. i have played it here before but now i am getting this wierd message. "sync. out of range" what can i do to get by this?
  10. where are the extra characters for tekken 2, like kuma and devil THe version of tekken 2 is Tekken2 verB(tes3/ver.B ) for mame. help on this is appreciated much.
  11. Thanks jeff, the lgtr trans is not fully but thats ok however i am not getting what the ips file file is about or how i am suppose to use it. if it is only putting it into the folder then i am on the right track:D
  12. Is there a full translation(english) for the pokemon leaf green japanese version of the rom.links to this file would be most appreciated. Thanks a bunch
  13. Hey Guys. WHich is the most reliable internet security software. Feel free to post any links as to where i can get one
  14. THis guy went hunting and met this monkey, but this was no ordinary monkey,he could talk. Seeing the skill the hunter made him choose, the choices were, Getting his tail chopped off, of his head. After thinking through the options, the minkey boldly said that he wantedhis head chopped off! The hunter overflowing with curiousity Asked you choose this are you stupid, or dont you know you will die! The monkey then intelligently said, If my head if cut off i will die ,but if my tail is cut off i would look like the person reading this post
  15. I found out what the problem was and now i know how to fix it, but the thing is that the link does not have the pokemon leaf green rom in it so i will still need another link Thanks A bunch
  16. somehow how the ftp link is not loadin i am getting an error got another link for me Thanks
  17. so jeffkong....i lost the link for the rom "pokemon leaf green" Supply a link plz
  18. kristin kreuk.....oh yeah allison mack/...mmm hmmm and angelina jolie....thats right
  19. yeah well i am east indian livin in the west indies lol
  20. hey how do i change my name ent premium members have the right i think so how do i do this
  21. here this is another link where i think you can get the mamev 82
  22. thas just great man lol thought it was me only
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