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  1. I play games on and off but games are a great and it teaches you new stuff: how to get them, where, and how to make them work Games is the best creation out
  2. Thanks I reallu thought it would have taken two weeks or so I am not into translation
  3. do i sense some kind of animousity between you guys the guy is happy and we should all be too for him
  4. do you know the version name or something.... but will it be as efficient
  5. anyone knows how long this would take the translation and dumping process i mean.....
  6. i got word that a new version of mame is running tekken Is there such and emu? so far i know zinc runs namco games, but mame.... post comments here...this could really help a guy out
  7. I had that same problem but things are working preety fine now I booted up my pc on safe mode and tried again or try logging into the admin if that dont work good luck
  8. Hey guys. I see that there is this tekken that runs on snes emu and on some mame emus got word on that
  9. nrx is an efficient emulator for neo geo roms....i use mame and some games just would not run.....its not a matter of which emu is the best....just make sure your rom is running smoothly on the prefered emu
  10. i have beeen looking for something like this to run pokemon fire red.....but i dont think it exists and would just work that way.....i mean just translate the rom
  11. Is there no other emulator to run tekken meanwhile No. that is preety harsh.....
  12. Is there no other emulator to run tekken meanwhile
  13. As far as I know, Radiant Silvergun is an ST-V game.
  14. What type of emulators does namco games run on, lik tekken or something I hear about zinc from a friend but there is no sound can someone help out here plz the rom and the emu plz thanks in advance
  15. I have some variations of the neoragex emu that runs mslug5 and ssv It seems to work fine since it is one of the newer ones
  16. i had this rom but i lost it and now www.neogamez.net is not working so i need a new link to get this rom. i am running neoragex ver final so plz help if you can. THanks
  17. i need the key to open the neoragex ver final emulator i had the code but i rebooted my pc i need the code to re install the emulator to run metal slg 5 i have everything else. All i need is the code to open it. I know there are ppl here with it so plz post here if you can help me out Thanks
  18. can i give me working link to get this rom i have the emulator that works with it but i need the rom post here thanks
  19. i am using the ss5.zip in the emu neoragex egcg and it is not recognising the rom what can i do to change this btw i got the rom from http://www.neogamez.net
  20. using neo ragex final there is a problem with my rom they say its invalid how to change the p rom to make it valid
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