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  1. I was wondering if it was possible to rename the emulators (not the ROMS) I have installed on my modded Xbox running UnleashX? For example, when I look in the Emulator directory off the UnleashX menu, I see a listing of all the emus I have loaded. However, the issue is that I (and especially the kids) cannot remember that the xadam emu runs the Intellevison games. So for each emu in it's own directory I was hoping to have them say "Intelevision", Colecovison, Atari2500, etc. instead of the emu name as the description. Basically I am looking for a way to tell UnleashX to read a description of the emu I have created (Intellevision), instead of the actual emu name (xadam). Is that possible? I was also trying to change the image files for each emu so when you highlighted the atari emu it would show an atari2500, atari 5200, etc. Thanks again everyone!
  2. I'm fine with FTP so no probelms there. In fact, I will create the ROMs folder via my FTP agent. I will try a few first, maybe I will be luck and not need to rename them! I guess I am just not sure what directory certain apps go into. I understand sometimes you have to edit a confi file to point in the correct area. I was just wondering where UnleashX considers the deafult ROM directory to be (if it does at all). Got my BAED to work, hooray! Thanks for asking. I guess it would not play until the Xbox was modded, could not read it from PC without Quix and Xbox considered it an "invalid" DVD until after it was modded. Lesson learned. Now I want to copy over some of those ROMs from the BAED to the Xbox HD so I don't need to access the DVD each time. Thanks! Will post again to this thread if I still have a concern.
  3. Kind of new to the whole modding thing. Just softmodded my Xbox the other day and installed UnleashX as the GUI, plus DVD2Xbox as an app. I also installed Surreal64 as an emu. I can see the apps and I can see the emu via the Unleash dashboard. I have a bunch of ROMs. Exactly where do I put them on the Xbox for the emu to see them? I have the original HD with a C drive, E drive (which has most of the data), etc. Do I put the N64 ROMS in the E\Emulation\Surreal64 directory? In another subfolder? Do I put the ROMS in a newly created E\ROMS directory? Help! By the way, I realize I will have to rename many of them because their filenames are too long. I have Flashrenamer on one PC? Any other renamer applications suggested? Thanks!
  4. Thanks. I will be sure to update as many emus as possible.
  5. LOL. I won't be a stranger. I spent my teenage years pumping quarters into arcade machines in the early 80s so anything I can do to help others bring that feeling back again I will. You guys rock.
  6. I downloaded Quix and was able to browse the contents of the iso (hooray!). So at least I know it is valid, or at least most of it it. Next I will get dvd-decryptor and burn to a DVD -R. Althought it looks like I can use Quix to FTP the contents of the iso directly to my Xbox, instead of trying to run the games off the DVD. Thanks again everyone for the great advice. I hope I can have the Xbox modded and playing those old console games I loved in the 80s by this weekend.
  7. I will dnownload quix and see if I can view the iso contents. I was thinking of burning it on a DVD-R disk from another PC too. The one I burned from was a Dell that had a stock +R drive. I will need to use one of my HPs to burn the -R I assume (I think Dell's only burn +R, or at least this older PC does). I am willing to try anything, this has become a quest for me! Really appreciate all the great feedback from everyone on this board in such a short amount of time. Will let everyone know if I get this resolved! Thanks again!
  8. I am not suire if it is an xiso format. I mean, the extension is .iso, not .xiso.
  9. I am clicking on the iso, which launches Nero 8. I do have winrar, and when I try to open it in there it says it is an invalid fiel type or it is corrupt. But the file size is the exact size as the .nfo says it should be. Is ther an iso repair tool? Again, I downloaded this 4.37GB file from two separate trackers, and both are not working. I can't believe there is no working BAED 1 out there!
  10. This problemis driving me crazy! I have the Big Ass Emulation Disk for Xbox that I got from TWO different trackers (downloaded twice). Both times the RARs seemed perfect and the iso can be created. But after making 4 coasters I am still desperate. I burned the iso to a CompuUSA brand DVD +R four times using Nero 8 and each time the burn was sucessful. But when I check the DVD is shows no fiel with 0 bytes. But when I right click on the iso it is 4.37GB, so it is not like there is an empty file. I even burned it once using another product and same issue. I tried to view the contenets via ISOBuster, and ther is one track that is 4.37GB. I cannot display all the contents though without the licnesed version. I have the full Nero 8 system but that won't let me view the contents of the iso. I am really upset because I have been lookign forward to modding my Xbox so I could use it as a console emulator but I am stuck with no ROMS. I have not tried BAED 2-3a/3b yet, but BAED 1 has all the console games I really wanted. Any ideas why this keeps happening? I have burned other isos in the past with no incident so I am not sure if it is the file itself, media, etc. Suggestions? I just wanted to play 1908s console games on the Xbox. Thanks!!!!!
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