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  1. excelent news. hope can do good port in Coinops. Several sucre codes are waiting to some one want to port it to the xbox. Street of Rage remake for exaple. May dream is see in the futere a xbox port too.
  2. NEC PC 98 wikipedia link. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NEC_PC-9801) The diferent emulators sucre code was relased a long time ago. (here Projet Neko sucre code http://www.yui.ne.jp/np2/ ) The sistem requeriment is not too much cpu. The sistem have a lot of good and exclusive game and good arcade ports. why not a NEC PC 9801 emulator on xbox ? Thanks.
  3. thanks iq_132 for the hard work. If you can Add this game. Golden Axe The Duel
  4. That's nice, but all the games are sh!t The 3DO's specs are sub-PSX so I would imagine it could be ported and run pretty well. Maybe the FMV-heavy games wouldn't fare so good though. 3do have a few good games. They justify the port. I think.
  5. xbox port possibilities? Over at freedo forum admin posted this Well -- it's decided then -- the project will bereleased as open source. We'll host the SVN repository. Open as read only to everybody and as read/write to those who will decide to contribute. The only question left -- what license should we be released under. Please comment your choice. http://www.freedo.org/forum2/index.php?topic=1431.0 (you need to register to view topics)
  6. please add tis games. - Joe & Mac Returns - Night Slashers - Golden Axe Duel.
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