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  1. So here's the topic. Would you hit a girl if she attacked you?


    Scenario One:

    You are in a heated argument and a girl says something stupid. You quickly reply telling her that's she's an idiot. Being the real attitude induced individual, she moves over to you and gets closer. You fair warn her not to touch you and then she lays the smackdown on your face. What would you do?


    I for one would not know. If I was really enraged I would probably smack her back but regret it later. It would be harder for me to hit someone that's really kind and good looking but easier to hit someone who bitches all the time.


    Scenario Two:

    Your girlfriend/wife catches you cheating on her and she gets enraged. Do you:

    1. Defend yourself (use martial arts if necessary to subdue her)

    2. Let her beat the crap out of you.


    Scenario two is kind of iffy. After hearing about the reports how some women cut off the men's goods after finding out what he did in the bedroom with another woman, how could you not defend? Well, one reason would be if you laid a hand on her you could be the one in trouble. The laws on your side only if you are missing a genital.


    So that's it folks. Think it over. I'm really against violence to women and stuff so don't think I'm some kind of anti-feminist or something. It's just that today I had a project to present to the class and some fat hoe started making a big fuss over our project that was 10x better than her groups. I commented on her stupidity and she threatened to slap me. But I restrained from getting angry and went home and started punching the wall.

  2. Flash carts are pretty damn expensive. The one I've eventually bought it the Xrom 512 Mbit. I've read some really good reviews and ordered it online which came to total of $143 canadian dollars. I'm really impressed with the unit. It works like it should and there are only few games that I haven't been able to get working. It drains the battery pretty good but it's managable if you have like a 64 mbit game or something.

  3. At times, I'm very disappointed in my looks. I know, too much self-criticism, but whatever.

    I'm surprised that you didn't say : "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"


    Which is the most appropriate phrase for this case. Some people have different opinions about sexiness and that's why I am enraged sometimes when I see hot asian girls going out with dumb ass scrawny shrimps.


    And there are always those people who have to critic something about anyones looks.

  4. The dehydration isn't the bike's fault.  You can't expect to go on an 8-mile bike ride without drinking water and expect to be okay.  Make sure its water though, anything else will dry you out even more.


    As for the exchange, I would go with Swithin's suggestion, be courteous about the whole thing and don't put any of the blame on her, or you'll go on a guilt-trip that you will never live down.


    Here's what he should do...


    Pslug: "Oh hi mom, you are looking ravishing today."

    Mom: "Ooooohhh, thank you son. What is that your wearing?"

    Pslug: "It's for the girls mom, GameCop told me to get a girlfriend."

    Mom: "Yeah, I know that GameCop. Sounds familiar."

    Pslug: "So mom, I love the bike..but it hurts my tushy."

    Mom: "Want me to kiss it for you?"

    Pslug: "No, it's ok. I was wondering though.."

    Mom: "It's ok, GameCop was a very good looking person. Nothing happened."

    Pslug: "I'm talking about something else mom.."

    Mom: "That GameCop can just last for hours and hours."

    Pslug: "I mean the Bike, the Bike."

    Mom: "The bike ride with GameCop was fabulous"

    Pslug: "Nevermind, forget I said anything."


    And so the journey moves on with PlasticSlug and his lifestyle.

    His tush will forever hurt in the mist of darkness falling. :clapping:

    LOL, GameCop is a home wrecker.

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