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  1. SNK news just in!


    Attention fans. We know you loved our old rehashes but next year during the Christmas holidays we will treat you with our best KOF game ever. Presenting The King of Fighters 20XX, the latest in the KOF series. This edition will offer the most features and enhancements ever known to the franchise offering over 80 characters from titles such as Last Blade, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, Karnov's Revenge, Breaker's Revenge and Sengoku. Also in addition to the line up will be a complete set of 15 new contestants added. Every character has been redrawn with a higher resolution and more fluid animation than any other fighter available. Environments have been implemented with more interaction and detail with a total of 30 differents stages to fight in. The game will also feature an online mode and exclusively on the PS2 an extra RPG mode where players will be able to choose their favourite fighter and relive his or her story going through a complete 3D world full of lush environments and character interaction. Stay tuned for more info.


    Now that's....news.

  2. the fifth disc is full of yaoi of cloud, seperoth, and the lion.

    have fun with that, ff fanboys.. remember what the noble Ulimate Warrior said to students at UCONN recently.

    "queerin' don't make the world work" (yes he really said that)

    Actually it's doujin of yufi, aeris and tifa on last part of the 4 disc. The 5 disc includes a increased hole size in the center of the disc.

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