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  1. Has anyone seen this movie yet? I just picked it up from my blockbuster a week ago and I love this film. I personally recommend it to anyone who either:

    a) likes quality asian cinema

    B) likes war movies ie. Saving Private Ryan

    c) likes drama movies

    d) all the above


    The basic plot is about two brothers being pulled into the Korean war. One brother risks his life countless times to gain the medal of honour to grant his younger brother freedom home. But to do so he must do selfish things which leads to his comrades being killed which the younger brother despises.


    It's a really emotional film and I hope someone here picks it up and gives it a try. Here's the website for more info.


    Tae Guk Gi


    PS: It's pretty bloody so it's not for the faint of heart.

  2. I think one of the problems with the contender is that since it's pure television, the fighters are more inclined to give it there all and go monkey on each other, otherwise the ratings would stink up the joint. IMO 4 rounds or whatever is way too short. The real champions are the ones who can stand tall and ready after a grueling 30 minutes.

  3. I watch it now since its on at 8:00.


    Yesterday's fight was pathetic. Brent Cooper can't box for wheaties. How easily he should've known that West was going to wear himself out after the second round. The loser suxs so bad that he couldn't even defend and move around the ring for 2 rounds. It's a good thing that weakling didn't get any further and i was laughing was he was crying like a baby.


    these guys fight harder then the pro's. it's the only reality show I like and tonight was a great show.


    I think the only reason the fights seem "harder" is because of the editing. Like, they don't always show the full rounds and just basically highlights and hard punches.


    Another reason would be that total rounds are less than professional boxing. No professional would be stupid enough to drain all of his energy in such a short time.

  4. Naruto 2 for the ps2 is an impressive game. The graphics and sound really do the series justice. It's really fun if you have friends that know what's going on but it gets kind of boring because power struggles are how you win matches so your forced to always use them if you want to win.

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