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  1. I never liked PS2 emulation, it will never be able to replace the real thing. Playing GT4 on the pc would be extremely hard because of the cpu power needed to run a game like GT4, the precision provided by the smooth framerate to master the curves and pressure sensitive controls.

  2. dvd+r dl has nothing to deal with the probs of gt4, its the burning process that is the problem.


    the hk silver copies of gt4 work since those are pressed in PTP and current dvd burners can't do PTP (only OTP) but supposly pioneer's next model might be able to as rumor is they are coming out with the -r dl discs.

    If that's the case...why don't all ps2 games become PTP pressed then to prevent pirating?

  3. Jeremy Jaynes is apparently regretting the use of false domains to spam millions of computers, but he may be a pinch late, as the jury charged with the duty of evaluating his case has recommended a nine year jail sentence.


    When he was convicted in November, Jaynes was considered one of the world's top 10 spammers. His sentence has been put on hold because the law on spamming is new, and the court will give the defense a chance to appeal the ruling.


    According to Jaynes' attorney, nine years is too much. Getting past the feelings of burning revenge that every computer user gets when faced with a spam king, we believe that it would perhaps be best to set a good few hard-line examples for the rest of the spamming world. The toughest and most damaging names in the world of 'online marketing' are well known individuals who hide behind smug expressions and freedom of speech laws to continue perpetrating their scams.


    Spam itself is possibly one of the dumbest, most absurd phenomena on the internet, where seven out of ten spam messages don't even try to sell anything or perpetrate any scam anymore, but simply serve as trojan and javascript probe carriers, turning from mild annoyances to malignant threats to a computer user's system. There should not be so much red tape around it, and we applaud the court ruling for providing such a strong reaction to one of the spam world's most prominent distributors.


    I would visit his cell just to point and laugh.

  4. not a clerk but i had an interesting run in with a waiter and his manager once.


    i had just finished work  and i went to this local resturant for some food...


    this is pretty much the dialouge:



    dumbass waiter: Good day sir can i take your order?


    me: yeah, i'd like a cherry coke, a double cheese burger and a side of french fries


    dumbass waiter: you mean freedom fries?


    me: i mean french fries


    dumbass waiter: they're called freedom fries


    me: french , freedom, i don't care i just want some fries


    dumbass waiter: well you do know they've been renamed right?


    (at this point i was getting really annoyed)


    me: i couldn't care less, just get me my fries.


    dumbass waiter: well you hafta call them by their name, they've been renamed to free...


    me cutting him off: look *i look at his name tag* Micheal (or whatever his name was i can't remember) how about i rename you DumbAss, now DumbAss go get me some fries.


    dumbass waiter: sir, you don't hafta be rude.


    me: you know what Dumbass, go get your flocking manager Dumbass


    (he runs off )


    manager: Is their a problem sir?


    me: yes it seems your waiter decided to give me a lecture on what i should be calling my food.


    manager:I'm very sorry, i'll make sure he gets punished, now what was your order?


    me: a cherry coke, a double cheese burger and some french fries please.


    manager: you mean freedom fries?


    Me: Ah flock this place , I'm getting the flock outta here you flocking retards.


    *cue me calling the manager alot of expeltives on my way out*


    I did go to another resturant, which i had never tried, but found out they had better burgers and some reall tasty fries.


    Did this really happen?

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