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  1. Last night i was at this dude's house party and he apparently had his DS in the open...well I knew if I didnt, someone would have...so of course I jacked it....i must say its a pretty cool device...now hopefully i could get a battery charger on ebay  ;)

    Ooo...I'm not really fond of thievery...it always comes back to get you. Must balance the karma.

  2. Ok, so I finally rented the original movie that was made a long time ago. I was expecting some pretty freaky stuff to happen and I was impressed with the movie since it was made during times where hollywood didn't have the finest technology. It wasn't really scary watching. Sure there were a few disturbing scenes but I was fine. After the movie however...


    Well you see, after I watch a film it usually sticks in the back of my mind for a few days. Having seen the Exorcist I kept thinking about how in the movie an innocent girl becomes possessed out of no where and the doctors keep thinking it is some kind of mental flaw. Then I think about how that could happen in real life where something abnormal happens to someone but doctors mistake it for something else. To make matters worse, i've seen before on the discovery channel or something about real exorcism that was performed to people that had demons inside them.


    Also, I think about the other side of the story. Sometimes people do behave erractically say do to a mental illness like severe seizures and stuff that superstitious people might mistake for possession. I also read in the news once that a boy was killed after his family tried to perform an exorcism on him when he suddenly broke out in weird speech at a church altar.


    Finally, I wonder sometimes if this stuff is actually true. If it happened, what would you do? This is the kind of stuff that freaks me out. The whole idea has been bothering me for a few nights but I think im okay now.


    What do you think?

  3. Price drop, price drop, price drop!


    Man, if I had a million dollars 500 smackaroos wouldn't be such a big deal. From what I've recently heard the PSP can last around 6 hours, before I thought it was around 3. It has the same amount of battery life as my GBA SP so I really want one now.


    But unfortunately im broke and I think my PS2 is giving way so I probably have to same some more money to get a new console.

  4. So wait, let me get this straight, you bring in my price statement into the argument to make yourself sound cool and then bash me when I correct you?


    Why must you be so offended you childish baffoon. Take your PSP fanboyism somewhere else. Have I said DS is better than PSP? No, in fact, the sole reason that DS games are in the $50 dollar range is insanity and I refuse to buy it. I've stated that PSP games isn't worth the money because a stronger and better version exists on the console and to me more enjoyable in console form. That's why I choose not to support PSP.


    I fully understand that multi disc sharing between PSP's is extremely difficult so don't give me your jibberish about the logic behind it.


    Once again, do not take things so seriously. (case and point, the $50 crap). I'm not saying your going to have to take another mortgage on your house by buying PSP games, I'm saying that PSP games are too expensive, actually I believe any game over $40 dollars is expensive.


    Yeah, so DS games = N64 quality and is equally priced to PSP games. So what? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's the better deal. So don't buy it, that's what I choose to do. If I believe PSP software should be lowered, then that's my beliefs. Trying to sort of the reasons why they are highly priced and comparing that to DS' pricing scheme is just wasting your time. I know it, you know, so stop recycling your damn posts.

  5. You know what's even stupidier? Not only are the games expensive but if you wanted to play..say Untold Legends with 4 players, then you would need 4 copies of the disc. 4x49.99 to play with your friends...where as the ps2 you just need the system and 4 controllers, and the multitap if you want to get technical.


    And? It's a portable system, it doesn't have controller ports. Guess what, you also need 4 systems whereas on the PS2 you would just need one. You just don't seem to even understand the portable market.


    This is not something that is exclusive to the PSP by any means. Most GB multiplayer games have worked this way for years. I'm sure they could make the game load wirelessly into the other PSPs and I bet some games will work that way.... but just how fast do you think wireless B is? If it's a game that requires a fair amount of regular loading then there is going to be massive load times involved with sending the information to 3 other systems. Oh yeah, and this would only work with 4 PSPs in the same room, forget about internet play. You would be waiting hours for a level to load.


    Again, I just hear more arguments that make no logical sense whatsoever.


    P.S. Untold Legends is a $40 game, not $50.





    Thank's for stating the obvious genious, I'm glad you absorbed the point of my post that buying 4 games at console prices is stupidity. At least with GB games you wouldn't go broke after a few purchases of the software and it's much more convenient and fun to play with one console and a multitap compared to buying 4 portables for the same price as 4 consoles.


    Untold Legends $50



  6. Personaly, I didn't like it too much, I loved kingdom hearts on PS2  I even beat sephiroth (he looks..so...awesome..)


    But this, eurgh, I can't stand it, Square just blow at GBA it's official.

    You just need to get used to the card system. Once you get the hang of what cards are good and customize your deck, it's a lot of fun to play.


    Now, I just beat Riku in this game (third form I believe) and he was flocking on mating mode! He's such a cheap SOB that I nearly threw my GBA at the wall. He was such a punk on the first two fights but then he goes into monkey mode and kills the crap out of you. I was so relieved after I beat him and thank god I'm not at the mental hospital.

  7. On the subject of price, the PSP costs 250$ here. As much as a console, but lacking the power of a console, in favor of portability. The games are 50$ (perhaps), the standard price of a game.


    The DS is 150$. 100 dollars cheaper. The games are 30-40$. 40 being for the really high-end games. GBA games are usually 30 or less.


    Thus, whether or not portable products should be less expensive than console products, we've gotten used to it. And I'd like it to stay that way.


    OK, but your still stretching the facts to make your point. Most of the PSP games are $40, not $50... the same price as many of the DS games. BTW, take a look at list of DS games and you will find that there are a few $50 games. For years people have been paying $20 - $30 for what were in reality tiny GB/GBA games. We are talking about games that amount to 1-4 MB ROMS in most cases. Sorry, but I just don't see the gripe with game prices when the GB games have been a bigger rip off for many years... and save me the bargain bin BS, K'dash. The same will apply to PSP games after it has been out for a while.


    Also (not addressing you specifically), you people keep acting like all the games are exact ports of PS2 games. WTF?? That's not the case at all. I'm getting two games on launch day... Twisted Metal: Head On and Wipeout Pure. Both come from a series of games that has been on consoles, but neither is port. No more so than the new Metroid DS game is a port of the Cube Metroid games. Also, you people talking about why would you buy a game on the PSP when you could get a the same game on the PS2 are making no sense AT ALL. You would buy a game, ANY GAME, for the PSP for the exact same damn reason you would buy a game on any portable... because you want to play the given game in a portable form... port or not has exactly nothing to do with it. You are criticizing the PSP for being capable of games nearly as good as their console counterparts while the DS gets off for free because it can't. Makes no sense at all :D


    Nobodies being biased. DS gets hammered by everyone on the forums because of the lack of quality games. The problem with psp is that 95% of the games are unoriginal and ports. Take a look at Gretzky's hockey, THPS2, NFL Street, Tiger Woods, and the whole lot. There isn't one game that stands out among the rest...and you know what? I doubt that this trend will change.


    You know what's even stupidier? Not only are the games expensive but if you wanted to play..say Untold Legends with 4 players, then you would need 4 copies of the disc. 4x49.99 to play with your friends...where as the ps2 you just need the system and 4 controllers, and the multitap if you want to get technical.

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