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  1. Hmmm...interesting, you must tell me more about this FBA.


    @Mr.X Thanks for the patch pack. There still problems but I was looking for a good compilation of patches to have for my files.


    I would also like to thank james and Mr.X of course for helping me. I am just going to stick with my copy. Its still good and there's nothing to complain about. Anyways, I have the PS2 version which is hands down the best out there...so im happy. :P


    Hey FirebrandX, whos your favourite character? (besides firebrand)


    I can play pretty good with Kyo, Ryo, Iori, Violent Ken, and Kim.

  2. 269-v4.bin B57B4EA3

    269-v3.bin F8810665

    269-v2.bin 675159C3

    269-v1.bin E7203930

    269-s1.bin BC670454

    269-p1.bin D005C51E

    269-m1d.bin 7F01DAC5

    269-c8.bin DE99E613

    269-c7.bin 56AC5FB9

    269-c6.bin 37371CA1

    269-c5.bin BA2A7892

    269-c4.bin A69D523A

    269-c3.bin F4D4AB2B

    269-c2.bin 3EB28F78

    269-c1.bin 465D473B

  3. Hey james, I've used your dat file but there is still no luck. I don't understand how you got your version to magically work. There are still bugs in the "Village in the Maniac World" stage. Red Arremmer is fine and everything, but when you play him in his world...not in versus, but the hell stage, there are sound and graphic issues.

    I got my p1 from snkx.com and the sound patch as well, there seems to be so many different ones out there and no definitive perfect file.

  4. Hey james, I was wondering if your copy of svc allows you to fight red arremmer in the Hell stage without any bugs. I've tried many different p1's and m1's but when I fight him in Hell, the sound produces an annoying high pitched noise that won't stop. Eventually the game would crash and then reset, or it would crash and reset when i use a special on red arremmer.


    Plus, I was wondering if you have a m1 that has ALL of the sound samples.


    For instance, Kim's "haah" sound for his victory. Both of choi's victory sounds and shin akuma's grunts when he does red fireball and the qcb + k moves.


    Thanks in advance.

  5. I agree that the demand for the game is driving everyone bonkers. The hype and expectation for the game is also whats causing the madness. Most of the time, in my experience, when i finally get a game that I've been waiting for a longgg time, it ends up not living up to anything and being left alone to wither away. All in all, it isn't healthy to want a game so bad. Even though its a kickass fantastic one :ph34r:

  6. What you can do is open the "asr" file with notepad. Within the file you find the info that makes games availiable in the list for kawaks when you open it. Copy/Paste the game you want to be availiable and put it in your main kawaks "asr" file. Sound confusing? Here is an example:


    Take for instance that version A of kawaks can load kof2001 but version B can't. However, version B can load kof2002 which version A isn't capable. To fix this you have to combine some info. Lets say you want to add kof2002 to version A of kawaks. Go into the version B folder and open the "asr" file with notepad. Find the info for kof2002, copy it. Now go back to version A folder and open that "asr" file and paste the info at the bottom or something.


    Or the most simple way you can do it is just download a dat already containing this stuff. :)

  7. SVC Chaos is an excellent game. I find the speed of the gameplay to be much more enjoyable then the awfully slow cvs2 gameplay. It doesn't quite match up to the current capcom and sammy fighters in term of graphics and sound, but it makes up for the gameplay. I don't know about the problems with collision detection, it seems great to me. The bad things about SVC are the number of characters, and its lack of depth compared to kof2k2. And i also think they should've added 3on3 match option.

  8. Hello everyone, I got rather an original problem here. It isn't about neorage or running the game. Its a few small problems that I hope can be fixed for svc chaos. Now, for me the problem is this:


    1. While facing Red Arremer in the Hell stage, two problems occur while i fight him with Iori. i) During the match the game produces a high pitched sound and then crashes. ii) The game just crashes when I perform a special on Red Arremer.

    I was wondering if there is a file to fix this bug.


    2. Its not a big problem but I, being a perfectionist, am not quite satisfied with my sound. I downloaded the latest sound patch and almost all the sound is there (ie. hidden bosses like zero and geese). But there is a few samples that i notice are missing. I guess being a SVC freak you pick up these things. Here are the missing samples.

    i)Shin Akuma's taunt

    ii)Shin Akuma's Red Fire ball and Hurricane kick have no grunts when you perform it.

    iii)Kim is missing a "haah", sound when he does his victory kicks.

    iv)Choi is missing 1 victory sound sample.


    I know its kind of weird to be asking for this but if you can help, please try.


    Anyway, I all encourage you to go get the import of SVC Chaos that is now availiable in Japan for the PS2. In all honesty, this version is the absolute best. The speed for some character's move has be improved and the new transparencies in the projectiles and fire animations are astounding. Well, later. :)


    Oh yes, I am using Kawaks 1.46.

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