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  1. It's not wise to keep the save type on "automatic".


    There are two solutions that might work.


    First, make sure that there is no existing save file in the folder where the rom is located.


    Go into the save type options and choose either

    1. SRAM, and 64 save size

    2. EEPROM, and 64 save size.


    If that doesn't work you may have a bad dump. You should go find another one if the above doesn't work.

  2. Yeah...XBOX 360 is a terrible name. And from the description of the design, I don't know if I like it. One bad thing is that it's going to be white! My Dreamcast is dirty as flock, if it were another color it would hide it well. :P


    But that 512 mb RAM news is coming from TeamXecuter. I don't know if I trust that completely, why would MSFT help them out? Aren't they synonymous with XBOX hacks? Someone correct me here if I'm wrong.

    At least the initial system colour isn't purple. Man nintendo are hippie freaks.

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