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  1. OMG Droolzors...its so amazing seeing the case. PS WTF? Handle? Gamecube inspired?
  2. Good thing I don't use aim...but they probably do the same shizno with MSN too.
  3. Best movie i've seen since street fighter.
  4. I'm only 13 years old and I'm not stupid.
  5. I dunno why...but Payback with Mel Gibson or whatever keeps reminding me of Max Payne...the setting and stuff of it anyways.
  6. Religion is such a great cause of conflict.
  7. Man, I want to watch it but i have no speakers...
  8. cough(Star Fox Assault)cough they may be great with their franchises but don't think those magic juices transfer when working on collaborations.
  9. Maybe someone should make a high score thread for this game too.
  10. Ouch...never been to Klov, but, that was some pwnage. What did KLOV do now?
  11. Some of the links don't work, bleh.
  12. I'm not arguing with that... It would've been funnier if you said "welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games."
  13. Methinks...but he can play Marshall Law instead of Forest.
  14. Wrong! Music does not blow, it kills every tekken's music before it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hurrah for genertic riffs and techno beats! It blows. I'm not changing the score. After a few hours we all got sick of it and just started listening to friking Maroon 5. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Harrah! But Maroon 5 blows harder. Sound 9/10. Bam! It's also hard to believe you gave sound the same score as the sound you gave for Capcom Fighting Evolution...what were you thinking!
  15. Jason Scott Lee could play Law, that would be the perfect part. And he can act too.
  16. Well, the only problem with cartridges are that they hold verrry little space, and they cost a fortune to produce. Resident evil 2, N64's largest game is I think a 512mbit cart...which is like 64 megabytes.
  17. It wouldn't matter, it would stink big time no matter what. It's nearly impossible to: 1. Get characters that resemble the comic book/videogame character that can also act. 2. Have them be able to perform martial arts well enough. 3. Have a director compile all of the elements together to make a worthwhile movie.
  18. I'm still willing to try the game, but I'm not going to be crying nor surprised if it's craptacular.
  19. Well because they're idiots and they never learn that's why I didn't think of it. CD's or Cartridge Nintendo 64= Cartridge DVD5 or DVD1.5? GCN = DVD1.5 Blue Ray/HD/DVD Revolution = 1.5 and maybe some kind of playdoh
  20. Here are some reasons: 1. There's a copyright or a similar name in the different region so to avoid conflicts, they change the names. You wouldn't want a game called "The Crusaders" in Europe. 2. Different words translate into different meanings in some cultures, so changing them would accomadate them. 3. They want to trick people into believing the games are different and then get extra profit from rentals and purchases..lol scratch number 3.
  21. PAL + NTSC-J = JAM NTSC-U = Evolution <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you knew this you shouldn't have corrected him in the first place.
  22. If revolution uses the same media disc, this further backs up my theory that Nintendo is doomed. 1.5 gbs or whatever was not enough space from the first few months and it's the sheit now, but if next gen games still use that crap disc...well, I dunno. I'm not surprised mind you.
  23. Jam is what it's called for the PAL version, Evolution is NTSC. Who are you and what have you done to gryphonklaw?!
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