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  1. Right now I would advise you to save that money and invest elsewhere. The DS right now only has about 13 games and the only one close to getting a 9.0/10 score is Mario DS. The upcoming game releases for the system is very sparse and the good ones are all listed at TBA.


    You should wait for some good games to come out if you plan getting the system for the DS software. But if you also want the GBA capabilities I guess it would be alright to get the system..

  2. :clapping: man torrents can have anything, working or not


    its been in many ps2 forums that the game doesn't work as a burnt copy due to a new protection however if you can get a hk silver of the game it does work since its pressed and not burnt.


    if you notice theres not a usa release of the game except for one that was nuked since the morons at JEI that released it, thought it was dvd5 (windows only sees the first layer of a dvd9 disc).

    Ahh, the terminology is hurting me. Well, it never hurts to try. I just need for those pesky dual layers prices to go down.


    PS: What's the difference between dvd5 and dvd9?

  3. gt4 can't be played via backup due to some new protection.


    i personaly used ritek G04 -r and verbatim -r the most and they work damn good.


    i also used fuji film -r which works decently on my ps2 but my xbox is picky with them (works for normal games but not with making emulator discs). i only got the fuji's due to a nice christmas sale (50pk for $10; bought 4)

    I doubt gt 4 is unplayable. I'm still going to try when I get a dual layered though. I saw the iso on some torrent sites and they wouldn't have uploaded it if it didn't work.

  4. I've read an article at IGN a few weeks ago talking about rumors of a new GameBoy in development. Now that I hear news about this the rumors are becoming more true.


    Nintendo has said from the beginning that the DS isn't the true successor to the GBA. That's why the DS doesn't even carry the brand Gameboy.


    I hope it comes out to be a handheld GameCube that would compete with the ps2 power of the psp. It's probable because the handheld would use small dvds if it were to get next gen graphics, and the gc already uses mini discs so...I don't know, it's a long shot but a cool thought.

  5. I live in Toronto. And they do NOT cost the same,


    Fujifilm 50 pk is $50.

    Maxell 50 pk is $40

    Memorex 50 pk is $50

    Vakoss 100 pk is $50

    Mitsumi 100 pk is $40

    Prices from BestBuy.ca


    My god, this is the first time I've seen a dual layer disc on sale. 3 pk for 40 bucks? Dearest me. I need one to get Gran Turismo 4...

  6. I like using the +R format because it works on my ps2 and movies so meh. I don't like the idea of buying + and - because...money doesn't grow on bushes.


    I'm wondering if anyone has tried mitsumi, they look reasonable but I see them in stores in a 100 pk for 40 CAD. I'm a little paranoid that they have the price because it..well, stinkxors.

  7. The game looks amazing, im guessing it's for xbox or pc right? Anyway the movies you show look promising, I think my computer will have a heart attack trying to run the game but it looks great. Now it depends if the gameplay is up to speed with the presentation.

  8. Oops! LSD is right on that. I'm too happy and forgot you people are mostly Americans and don't know British stuffs.


    Singapore uses the British education. O Levels is one of the levels to go to University. At Primary 6 (12 years old), we will take an exam call PSLE, which we will be spilt to four parts, Special, Express (my group), Normal A and Normal T. Special and Express takes similar path, after 4 years of secondary school, we take the O Levels. For Normal A and Normal T, they take the N Levels after 4 years, if their N's results are good, at the fifth year, there would take the O Level. So, Express is like a faster way, since we don't take N Level, and go straight to O Level.


    Anyway, L1R5 is the marks to go to JC, which they will take A Levels, and then to University (Uni).

    While L1R4 is the marks to go to CI (a long route of JC with one more year) and get A Levels.

    For me, I would choose Poly, since my marks are too low for A Levels, which I get a diploma first, and maybe go to Uni if I can.


    Marvelous achievement but that's too hard to read for me.

  9. Im not much of a tekken fan because people rape you with 1 combo and it's over.


    I only own DOA 2 hardcore for the ps2/dreamcast and I think its a button masher. I like VF4: Evo because of the fighting system, although it takes forever to master one character.


    Looking Above: I thought those mounds were balls lol

  10. Yeah, I was wondering what would you guys recommend for gaming/movie purposes?


    From my experiences these brands are great.


    Maxell 4x 9/10

    Memorex 4x 8/10

    Memorex 8x 10/10

    Sony (unknown)

    Vakoss (unknown)

    Verbatim (unknown)

    Mitsumi (unknown)

    Kodak (unknown)


    So, give your ratings for the unknowns or knowns and recommend some that aren't on the list.

  11. I've always wanted to get online and kick some tushy on the net. However from my experience there is always a conflict of emulator version and / or game version.


    A few questions.


    1. Anyone know what's the most popular version of Kawaks to play online?

    2. Does that version include the dat file for the proper sets that are compatible for most users on the net?

    3. Anyone want to play with me once I get this shizno set up? :)

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