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  1. i need to know how to convert characters from dos to linux/winmugen. i have some characters i want to use but they crash the program. examples rogue (the on that can steal moves and supers..edited version) Superman - hannabal Stages Final fight rolento's evelator stage edit with super jump Ryu,Ken, Guile DG super jump version of the old sf2 stages. is there a way to get them to work on win mugen?
  2. winmugen is freakin awsome. the sound is perfect, clear screens and it runs at a smooth 60fps on the right system. we need more support for it how ever cause some characters and stages aren't comepatable with win mugen yet cause it to crash. but that's the only problem. playes like a dream. well done for the 1st windows attemp.
  3. i would like a tool like that too. just redid my mugen but some stages don't work nor some characters. does a tool exsist to convert dos to lunix/winmugen files?
  4. i had the same problem today. but the only way that will happen if you play with something in the mugen cfg wrong. what i did to fix it wa get winmugen and over write the old files and it was working perfect again.
  5. the dvd thingys is a good way to do it. but they never look too good. look at cable and jill valentin for mugen. they look awful. and ther is a version of chipp from ggx that was done this way, and the resloution was really off. but it played exactly like the ggxx version. so go for the dvd thing for now. and wait till cps3 is cracked then emulated
  6. emsley rotf lmao that is the funniest avatar i have ever seen. that's the one reason i started posting here. omg that is so mean but funny as hell. btw GC backups can be played on normal dvds. i read somewhere a while back that they just tookm the tope off the gamecube and just left it exposed and ran the games. not sure tho but if somone wants to try it, go ahead but there have been success from what i've been told.
  7. that mode of isnanity is freakin hot. plus the music is kick ass. please update him some more. it's sad to see such good work come to an end.
  8. It's True i have the rom also, but ti will only let you play console mode. the tag feature is cool but they messed up robert. PISSED OFF. however i am still feeling the game out. get the rom asap .
  9. i agree this is Almost better than Final fight and Sor 3. Sengoku 3 is just plain awsome great music,great animation, and large sprites. but very hard final boss tho.
  10. where did you get the mame version of this rom?
  11. http://www.cenit.cult.cu/cgi-bin/ftplocate....pl?x=1&page=10 ftp site and is this what i thin it is? please tell me
  12. thanks i got this on neogeo, winkwaks and looking for mame. i really want the mame version any word on it?
  13. I am new to the emulation world of arcade roms. i got alot of roms so far right now i am lookinf for power instinct matrimelee for Mame, nebula, or winkwaks. can anyone sent me up with a link? i have searched for 4 days straight and nothing. any help is kool. ty in advanced
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