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  1. lol ok iill try 2 find videos but if u find them before me tell me please also i have a special suprise wips 4 the 1 emulation boaerds 2 new chars1 svc hugo and classic sf2t style dan and if i find a movie ima make 3rd strike style dan yay! lol
  2. awww man!! well team player do u know were they have 3rd strike movies? ill rip it my self
  3. no there was 1 made heres the site http://caffienecreations.fateback.com/gouki/gouki.htm
  4. dude thats not it thats only alpha chars in that section i need the 3rd strike akuma
  5. hiya i need 3rd strike style akuma really bad!! do u have the link with the zip on it or send it 2 dan_hibiki000@yahoo.com pleez i really need yer help
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