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  1. These girls sure love to play with their Xbox..
  2. Beowulf movie is a good example how men are driven by SEX! (and how it should be with Angelina of course )
  3. An army of these kind and the Taliban/Al-Kaida don't stand a chance
  4. For all of you who were wondering how a kid on drugs would look like.. 8-bit Lego style!
  5. MJ is not dead! he's been kidnapped by Aliensss!!!!111 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKgmB3f20O0
  6. Bob (Tekken6) YES! a fat man CAN do all this combos! (for those who were skeptical about Bob's moves..) EDIT: and here's the real one http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/6149/boby.jpg
  7. For me it was MKII and of course Streets of Rage 1 both for the Genesis (Mega-Drive II). Man, I loved SoR so much! every time my friends came over we've only played this game.. we always tried to finish the game without losing one life bar. We didn't made it though
  8. I don't know who is she but she's HOT!! EDIT: More pictures If someone knows her name please post
  9. I've got a brand new LG KU990 also known as Viewty. I LOVE it
  10. Counter-Strike 1.5 (Online of course) It's not the best game but it's the only game I've spent nights playing it with my friends. man that was hell of fun!
  11. If you liked Cloverfield I recommend you to watch Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County. it have the same camera view but this movie is really scary! (well if you watch it at 3am alone!!)
  12. You know what will be cool? to see this dude (below) from Rival Schools (or some other fighters from that game) featuring in SF4 I mean RS has a badass fighters and I personly prefer to see reused fighters instead of some lame new fighters who has no story and their design is boring and most of the time ugly *cough*Abel*cough* What do you think?
  13. New character. named Abel. "The new World Warrior is Abel. Described as "a man without a past," Abel has gathered what little clues he can as he searches for remaining members of Shadoloo. As his tag line suggests, he has a terrible case of amnesia." Source: http://games.ign.com/articles/852/852191p1.html
  14. Coffee?? maybe if he had a pu**y! lol j/k I'd say a beer would be a better idea
  15. lol me neither.. but honestly just by looking at your signature I should have known btw I'm here since the days ROMs were legal at this forums.. wayy back in 2003~4
  16. lol cool pics man.. I guess where I serve we don't get to see stuff like that (Tzrifin ) although we had hail falling at us while we were guarding the base in the Jerusalem Gate at night.. this is the closest thing to snow I saw this week
  17. Yeah, it's true, China is making a new console called Vii (Wii anyone?..) which looks exactly like Nintendo's Wii (the same console and controller look, but what about the games?..) Anyways, I think we're back to the days when there used to be fake copies of Nintendo's old console the NES (here we had fakes named Megason, lol) Here's some pictures: Source: http://gonintendo.com/?p=26119 Discuss!
  18. lol, I remember when I had MK2 for the Mega-Drive II (the european name of Genesis) I used to beat Kintaro with Sub-Zero by freezing him all the time without giving him a chance to stand but to do that I had a turbo button on my controller so performing D, DF, F, High Punch (or was it low ) would be easier and faster.. lol that was a cheap cheat anyways.. I agree with those who said that MKII was the best MK game and all the other 3D games are trash (though I must say I used to play MK4 alot although I hated it.. it wasn't that fun but it was MK after all )
  19. A rumor about SFIV?.. http://www.neo-arcadia.com/News/voir_news.php?id_news=2 Can someone translate please?..
  20. OK so I'm not the greatest news man here but I'm sure alot of people didn't hear about this news nor did they care about this game so I'm here for those people!! And believe me it's hard to keep on track when the only time you have to sit next to your computer and type something is on the weekend (that is if I'm home and not in my base)
  21. Well it have good artwork (cool characters, bosses and stuff..) and simple gameplay (hack&slash gameplay) but the game is fun for about an hour or two.. tho I think if it had online play it would have been a better game (and would probably sell more) Edit: Here's some new shots from the game: http://www.neo-arcadia.com/News/voir_news.php?id_news=8 It looks very nice I must say
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