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  1. C'mon isn't that ridiculous??
  2. ^ I REALLY HATE the hitsparks! too huge and ugly
  3. "THAT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD.."- TT2 pictures O_o What is Asuka focusing at? Now that's just funny
  4. Akuma is in? Source: http://www.fightersgeneration.com
  5. Leaked character list So we'll have Bison, C.Viper, Venom, Haggar, Thanos, Spider-Woman... Source: www.fightersgeneration.com
  6. You mean Capcom VS SNK system.. that will be cool
  7. I'm asking why can't I play 1VS3/1VS2/1VS1?? Sometimes you just want to focus on one character that you like
  8. I'll probably replace my L-A-M-E LG KU990 when this one comes out. I really liked the idea of not needing analog sticks and instead you get a multi touch panel!
  9. WHY?! Source: http://www.the-magicbox.com/gaming.htm
  10. Nice http://www.the-magicbox.com/1010/game101026a.shtml
  11. I don't know if it's funny or sad following SEGA's new Sonic game... but one think for sure-IMPRESSIVE! BTW
  12. So I guess Naruto goes with Tekken but not the other way..
  13. Don't know if you guys heard about this but Lars is a playable character in the upcoming NSUNS2 (2:04)
  14. Newcomers: Spidey and some dude from RE
  15. Tron Bonne and X-23 in action
  16. The Karate Kid 2010 (BRRip 720p/480p) Haven't seen it yet but I like Jackie and I didn't see the original movie so..
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