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  1. lol yea.. I also think it's brilliant that every character calls his teammate in different names (Hulk calls Iron-Man "Metal-Man" ).
  2. Ok at first I was like "WTF?! what's going on?!" "to many colors!" but after a few seconds and I was like.. "AWESOMMEEE" plssss let there be a PC port lol go to 2:52. Deadpool screams like a girl
  3. ^Uhh.. were you sleeping for the past week? http://e3.gamespot.com/story/6265855/morta...topslot;title;5
  4. The end looks like WC3's opening.. and lol I just noticed.. MvC3:FTW!
  5. Please don't tell me it's turning you on...
  6. And what about this one? man I just love her skin color
  7. You took the words right out of my mouth Garuda and Skullomania FTW
  8. Capcom is working on a new game for the Natal Project which would be based on an old franchise http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/701811/C...Franchise-.html Final Fight anyone?
  9. I'm back! and I've got some 2 hot girls for you guys First one I don't know who is she but she's beautiful And the second is the beautiful Israeli model Bar Refaeli Enjoy
  10. Beautiful And this one is just funny (she's like "look! I drew a face!") but still it's pretty hot
  11. I don't know what about you guys but I prefer these kind of tits over these kind.. and about these kind.. well.. I just HATE!
  12. Guys common it's Photoshop! I bet she's much more wider.. and those tits probably being hold by XXL bra which means her tits may touch the ground some day..
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