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  1. You're an idiot! You just posted your favourite games or games that you've played. Where's Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time? That was the nuttiest game of 2003.
  2. Where can I get the Mame32 emulator that plays kof2k3? I found the rom on filemirrors, when I typed in, "kof2k3.zip" I went to the site where I could download it and the screenshots were from the mame32 emulator. Now I need to know where I can download it.
  3. True that SNK has much better looking characters in their games than Capcom. SNK could beat Capcom if they only changed their Graphics engine. In fact, I can find the same old 91 engine freeware on the net. As for SVC Chaos, why did SNK give Dan a Tenchi Haoken attack? They should have been pissed and not added Dan to SVC Chaos.
  4. I don't want to see any bullcrap posts.
  5. Yeah, first time I found it, I was like, oh crap...., I am so smart. But then, I found out they were fake. Anyway, back to the topic, Capcom has their own style of sprites and SNK has their own types of sprites.
  6. As you mentioned the pallette swap and the other stuff, you fail to realize that Capcom has a different style of drawing sprites. If they make ryu's headband totally red, well, its the way it is because of their style of drawing sprites. It's not cuz they're lazy as hell. I agree SNK adds more detail, but their sprites look more sluggish and non-catchy to the eye. SNK tries to mix realism with anime. If you see crazy looking cartoonish sprites, and insane looking massive Hadokens, of course you would want to play the certain game. I've seen screenshots of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It's really cool. Its like the old MVC, and MVC2, I only saw one screenshot and didn't find the release date. It was a picture of Thor. Hold on.....I'll try to find it again......... Never mind, they're fake.
  7. I used to have an Indian accent. My friend has a Brazilian accent.
  8. That's not true. If you have 30 characters, doesn't mean its the best fighting game. The Kof series get so repetitive and boring. "Oh crap! 3 new characters, I gotta play it now!" wtf? SNK has never tried to redraw the sprites for the characters. If they did that, I might consider giving them props for the that.
  9. Bullcrap! If you want to mention all the old fatal fury games, well, Ryu too has been updated many many times. The old SF1,SF2,SFA series, he was changed in mvc too, the CVS series, the SF3 series, and the EX series. Capcom doesn't think makovers are important cuz their characters are totally original, like, " the karate guy" (Ryu), "the arm stretching guy" (Dhalsim), "the guy with the chain" (Akuma), "the chick" (Chun li). It proves that the Capcom characters are a lot more original than SNK characters. In fact, SNK copied Ryu and Ken and made Ryo Sakazaki, so to diss Robert Garcia, Capcom made Dan.
  10. You mentioned that Capcom don't update their characters. That's totally wrong. I was mentioning game engines, not makeovers. If you give Ryu a makeover, will he look like Ryu? You see, Capcom characters are original but SNK tries hard to make their characters original. So no need to blame Capcom. Even if the characters haven't had a makeover, before, they have changed the graphics like the CVS series, the SF3 series, more than that, I also enjoy playing the EX series. So Capcom does update their characters, but their characters are much more original.
  11. Finally, a Doom 3 thread!!! I am so crazy over it. I am waiting for the release, I've seen the trailer for X-box and it was insane.
  12. You know, I've seen SNK use the same game engine throughout the first King of fighters. I agree, the graphics were good back then, but now, they need something new. I saw screenshots of kof2003 and damnitt, whats their problem, they don't learn from their mistakes. To tell you the truth, I was expecting a lot from the kof2003, but its not enough. Why don't they use the graphics from Last Blade, or Garou, or Samurai Shodown, or rotd, or matrimelee, so many different engines, but the kof game engine is getting really annoying these days. I was disappointed to see how in svc chaos, the characters from SNK were not redrawn. I was surprised by the Capcom characters but not the SNK characters, it seemed when the game was made, SNK took their time and made the Capcom characters and but they rushed and just imported the same old looking characters from SNK into the game, just to take care of it. I mean look at CVS. Capcom remade even the Capcom characters. I'm impressed about that. I think SNK has the capability to school Capcom if they just smarten up and stop being lazy. I mean, look at Garou, in my opinion, its the best fighting game I've ever played. SNK doesn't realize that they need to continue the Garou series and maybe even use the Garou engine to make the new kof games that come up soon. I hope to see any feedback about what you guys think. Please correct me if I've said anything wrong.
  13. That looks dope, never seen Homer dressed as Iori before.
  14. I tried to download power instinct matrimelee from neo arcadia x but it asks for a username and password.
  15. cthd2003 is the most waste of time and most f*cked up game I've ever played.
  16. Dope site, but whats the username and password for the site?
  17. most of them don't even work. I found one site, oh wait, I haven't even tried it yet.
  18. Where can I get the roms and the emulator for Sega Saturn?
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